New Diet to add to things…

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Diet & Exercise, Uncategorized

So, the gym has been a work-in-progress.
With my partner working extended hours, and then me no longer hvaing  vehicle…at home workouts were working, but eating after the holidays made things a bit challenging.

The workout were making me bulk and not really slim…and most of that was due to my diet. So, was at a party with friends and one of them used to body-build in Korea (while he was deployed there), and needless to say this man was HUGE and knew what he was doing. He gave me a diet that would help me slim down…he warned me ahead of time that I was going to be super hungry, but, at least it would work.

I will admit…I have never had to really diet TOO much…as in, it was a few changes here and there, cutting out soda, eating better bread, not eating so much…and then I was good. But, I don’t have a good metabolism, I don’t have the energy to do anything anymore…I’m getting older, and due to neglect, my body is reflecting that. I am about as heavy as I was a sophomore in high-school…and I hated myself then just as I hate myself now. More or less I am hating myself more because my reflection on myself and how I feel sexy no longer affects just my mentality, but it now affects my partner, my sex drive, things I have not had to worry about until adulthood.

While bulking and building muscle has been nice (I have always love proving my strength and showing how strong I am), if I cannot burn the fat away and slim down a bit, then the building of muscle is only making me…fluffier…and I don’t like it.

So, I’m on this new diet, and have gone to tracking my meals on the S-FIT app I have on my Galaxy phone. It’s nifty, lets me know how many calories I am taking in. It tracks my heart-rate, stress-levels, sleep schedule, water, and walking too. Now that I ended up getting a Garmin VivoFit 2 Watch for Christmas from my Father…that has Bluetooth in it to sync directly to the app, and it tells me how active I am every single day. It’s neat!!!

But for those interested in the diet…I will be posting it up tomorrow or some time this week. I plan to type out a formal sheet since mine is currently just handwritten and tacked to my wall atm.

but mostly it’s chicken, white rice, fruit, eggs, and green veggies.
Not a lot of flavor in my life right now…but it’s working towards a better me. Anyways, until the next blog then…


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