Seeing Strange Lights /General Update

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized, Updates

Here lately I have been seeing strange lights. Not like a UFO or anything of that manner…but every time I look at a person, I can see light lifting off of their shoulders, and sometimes when I am moving around in a darkened space, I see light flitting about the room. It’s not completely uncommon for me to be able to see the energy output on someone. This is something I have been able to do since I was very young. But, to start seeing it more as a constant thing…I can’t say this it’s unnerving…but for me, this will take some getting used to.
As for the lights that travel beside me and around me when I get up to walk around at night. Those are things that I still cannot explain.

So, General Update time…

Since I left Taz, I have been trying to get my life back on track. I have gotten back on the self-help Forums I was on before and have updated all of my goals to fit my current situation. I have started working on my Force-Assignments again, and will soon be finished with Creed101 so that I might move on with meditation or something along those lines. I have also started blogging a lot more and taking more ‘me’ time to relax and let my body heal from the damage it suffered while Taz and I were having our fallout.

I guess I never noticed how negatively she was affecting my personal journey until I went back and read through ll my assignments. Nowadays I want to be able to focus more on my journey as something separate from my love life, even though I know that the two will collide from time-to-time.

As mentioned before, I have started blogging more and have various blogs that cover various different hobbies of mine. I still want to do my Travel blog, but right now I’m focusing more on my tattoo blog as well as my gaming blog which has always been my main focus and passion.

Hm…I was also finally given the permission to make a ‘Holocron’ via “Order of the Sith”. I was originally told that only those that were considered ‘Darths’ on OotS were allowed to make Holocrons, and now that I have the permissions to do so, I only wonder what I might put there. While a Holocron has been under construction for some time now, I’m wondering if my format is appropriate.

Outside of Force-Realism…I am still in Germany at the moment. I will be here for another month before I return to Indiana. the goal is to stay in Indiana for about 3-6 months before possibly making my way over to Texas to be with my new partner while she finishes out her time in the Army. All of this will happen if she does NOT get deployed first. I’m ready to start over fresh and Indiana is the place where I grew up, but not the place where I want to stay. As always, my goal is to find a good and steady job to hold me over while I figure out what I wish to do with my life (career-wise). My time spent in Germany and babysitting has not only strengthened my dream of one day being married to that one person that holds my heart, BUT, it has also shown me that what I want more than anything else is to be a Mother.

There really is not much else to say.
more Creed posts are coming soon and hopefully some meditation as well. Just figured I would put a post out there to let people know that I am indeed still alive and pushing forward.


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