Spirituality 101: Lesson One

Posted: October 5, 2014 in IJRS Courses

Exercise #1 —Meaning of the Myth

What are some of your earliest memories of watching Episodes IV, V, and VI? How did you feel? With what character(s) did you identify? What about the story resonated with you? What images remain with you to this day?


A character that stood out the most to me in episode 4 was indeed Luke Skywalker. Anakin being my favorite character from the first three episodes, Luke is very different from his Father in that he is reluctant to become a Jedi at first. He has become settled in his life as a moisture farmer and while (I think) he knows his true calling, he would rather lead a life without complication.
It is only when his Aunt and Uncle are murdered that he feels he has no choice. He still had a choice but felt as if he didn’t. He had nothing holding him onto what he held most dear anymore, so he decided to take up Obi-wan’s offer, travel with him, and become a Jedi.

While he seemed so scared of complication at first, it is Luke who would eventually step up and try and rescue the Princess, even though he knows the risks. It’s as if leaving that which had him so grounded made him a new person, almost as if a blindfold had been taken off from around his eyes.

Same thing goes when he signs up to try and destroy the Death Star. He was just a mere farmer not too long ago, and now, he has taken drastic steps and measures and is stepping into the shoes of a hero and a legend.
What stood out to me most in this episode was just the over all fear. There is hope that the people will prevail over Vader but you can see that while hope is there, fear reigns in that they are saying one thing, but they are thinking another. The people have doubts, they are frail. Even with the idea that a new Jedi will be made and that they can gain victory over the Dark Side, their faith is still very weak. That’s what I remember at least.

However in Episode V of the series, there are only a few parts that I remember. You have the giant walkers which are iconic . Then the part where Luke lands on the swampy planet to be trained by Yoda…again, completely iconic and this was the first Yoda I ever knew, and would hold this version of him closest to me. Yoda stood out as a character because he seemed quite mad. He was cooky, almost crazy…and for awhile, even after he admitted to being Yoda, I wondered if perhaps he really was Yoda or if this was just another trick. The character might seem wise, but something in his attitude also told me that his way of thinking as a character was much deeper than what was lead on, and that this thing could be very devious if he really wanted to be.

The last bit I remember is the part where Vader reveals to be Luke’s father and noting the anguish in Luke’s cry before he jumps off of a stand. I also know that this where Luke gets his hand sliced off, but as a child, I believe this part was edited out on the TV, and I did not see it until many many years later when my father showed it to me. This was also the episode where Hans and Leia really start to ship as a couple, but it never interested me at all as I never liked either of the characters.

In Episode VI I remember even less. Having grown up with episodes 1-3 as they came out to theaters, what I saw on VHS within my brother’s room or on TV every once in awhile did not really stick with me because I was too young.
But I do remember Darth Vader’s death as Anakin Skywalker…as the man who was once a promising Jedi and the Chosen one comes full circle, breaking free of the Emperor’s grasp and the Dark Side, and how he died slowly, but, he died a hero rather than the villain. He redeemed himself…and it was very emotional. In fact I never even saw the defeat of the Emperor, nor the ending from what I can remember.

Of course there was the part with the Ewoks and the chase of the Stormtroopers and such, but where that was in the movie, I cannot remember. Just that it is talked about and shown in images so many times that I know it was there. Also I don’t remember how Luke got a new Lightsaber…and I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether that was the end of Episode V or the beginning of Episode VI because it has been so long.

But, the part with Vader was always really touching…and I was actually kind of surprised that, as a villain, he never really scared me, but rather, he intrigued me…even as a child. But because I was so young, I can’t say that I identified with any of the characters at that moment in time. Nowadays I could easily point out whom I feel the most connected to out of all the episodes (Luke) with some of the trials they faced and things they had to endure. But, as a child, these were only characters to me…this was just a movie and held no deeper meaning to me other than the series was for mere entertainment and nothing more. Plus, my Big Brother loved these movies, so I had to watch them too, because I wanted to be just like him.

But nowadays, considering the fact that studying Jedi-Realism and becoming a Knight is just a fraction of my path and goal, things are much different than they were when I was 5-6 years old.

  1. Aeonian Isodor says:

    Greetings, old friend. I need to speak with you as soon as possible.
    I have an apprentice.

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