Disappointment I

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Ranting/Venting

Here recently with the project which is my own Temple, I decided that I really needed to work on the fictional aspect of The Force in order to truly understand it as a whole. How could I claim mastery over something when I cannot even begin to discuss its origins and/or the people which helped shape how it is used in terms of both good and evil (light and dark)?
Still, the more I read about force-sensitives, the more I start to realize that there are some things that never change from fiction into reality. This is not always a good thing. Obviously with human limitation we cannot use The Force like those in the Star Wars universe. We do not wield real lightsabers, nor do we ship off to another planet to do our training. I don’t think the Jedi in fiction drove to any outlet every two days for a yoga session…
Also, we cannot shoot lightning from our fingers, force choke anyone, or use any of the other techniques that The Force enables Jedi and Sith to use in fiction. For us, it is merely a spiritual-thing…we follow the codes and creeds as best we can and apply them to what we can in this life, on this planet. But, the one thing that gets me, the one thing that really bothers me is how we can study the things that happened in fiction, we can change the mistakes made by others…and yet we do not.
I have been reading about many of the Darth’s lately, and there were some names that were given to me of people within the Dark Side who had a sense of ‘balance’, and who were not necessarily power hungry or evil, they merely existed and used the Dark-Side as a means of success in other parts of their life. But…there were two people that really stuck out (while Vectivus and Bane stuck out as well, they were pretty plain compared to the other two): Darth Traya, and Darth Revan.

Lets start off with Revan…
He was a Jedi Knight who saw that there was a war happening, and he wanted to get involved so that he could end the war and stop the bloodshed. But, every time he tried to get the Council involved, they turned down his idea, basically telling him that this was none of their business. They were supposed to be the defenders of the galaxy, defenders of the innocent, and yet they would not dirty their hands with war even when the enemy was right at their doorstep, killing innocents, and wreaking havoc. To this, Revan finally weaseled his way into the war, and through it, he found out that a Sith Emperor was behind the whole thing, and reported it back to the Council.
Again, the Council shook him off, they would not believe him, and so, he took it upon himself to investigate this matter. Eventually he took to the Dark Side due to his overconfidence in thinking himself and his pal Malak could defeat said-Emperor and they were overcome by his will. Had the Council only listened and not sat around twiddling their thumbs, Revan would have never left in the first place…but instead, he located the Star Forge, started his own Empire, and it was only due to Darth Malak’s greed that Revan almost died and came back to the Council, because otherwise…he would not have been able to be stopped.
Later on, after Revan came back to the side of the Jedi, he was married, and even with the title of Prodigal Knight and the Cross of Glory, he tried to show the Council how allowing relationships within their practices would make things better…make people stronger and keep them away from the Dark Side through such bonds (it is how he saved his wife Shan when she turned to the Dark Side)…but again, they would not listen, they scolded him and turned the cold shoulder. Still closed minded as always, still cold to new ideas and ways in which to improve their ways and make things better for everyone.
Always they turned away the new for the old, always they were clinging to their seat of power…and for what? That’s why people were turning, that’s why people were being exiled, this was what would lose them their home later on when the Sith took control again, due to stubbornness, due to being close-minded and belligerent. They were breaking their own code…and they were being ignorant.
I bring this up because too often I see this same type of behavior in the Temples we have today. Too many people being promoted only because they molded to a certain way of thinking and do not question it. We have people whom every day are experimenting with new things, trying to bring attention to some flaws in the system and things that could make experiences better. It’s not even those people who want to change things up…but what about people like me? Someone who uses both Light and Dark aspects are generally not welcome from what I have seen. Whereas I am allowed to join in on a place, the minute I start talking about the opposite side of their beliefs, I am attacked, viciously sometimes.
I see that people of higher ranking like to wag their fingers at people who think differently, and, rather than try and be understanding of them, they try making an excuse for the person, saying that they are merely “inexperienced” or that they “have not reached that point” of mastery or training yet. They try to convince someone of what they are doing ‘wrong’ (yes I have been told I am wrong many times, and outright), and how it goes against the belief and blah, blah, blah. Sound familiar?
Sounds like that Mother trying to force her child to go to Church when he isn’t sure that he believes in God. Sounds like that Pastor which is telling you that if you do not follow his way then you will burn in Hell. Their way is always the right way and your way is wrong…how is that understanding? How is that knowledge? How is that Jedi? Rather than try and discuss a point of view, they meet it with anger, with arguments, they meet change with fear and thus shun a lot of good points that they do not want to see because it’s against their ‘system’.
Granted, I have seen it more from Jedi but it happens in the Sith community too…Light Sith are looked on as weak, treated like a Bisexual who people like to point at and say they are “confused”. Many Darksiders and Lightsiders alike try and make it so that you have to be one thing or the other, and that should never be the case…again, it’s another act of ignorance, and such a thing not only moves them away from The Force, but in some way, some day, it will be their downfall.
While I will not discuss Traya just yet…I will use this quote:

“If a lightsaber loses its power, is it still a lightsaber? And if a Jedi loses her powers, is she still a Jedi?”

It was one of her many conundrums…and here is what it stated: Evenw ithout their weapon and even without the abilities, a Jedi is made in their dedication to their path, through their spirituality. So even when they lose their trademarks, it is what is in their heart that will make them and forever keep them Jedi. But, you know what? Most people that I have seen in the community as of late…without their title, without their ‘persona’, if those things were stripped from them, they would no longer be Jedi. They would show nothing that would dub them as such and make them stand out as someone who is true to their path and whom really understands The Force, and lives by it.
You would see a bunch of people running around still tooting their own horns, wagging those fingers, still ignorant, still beligerant, only this time, only there would be no rank to it, therefore no substance on those who would normally be ‘below’ them…just a bunch of bellyachers on a forum.
Speaking of moving away from The Force…Sithism tends to be just as much of a disappointment. Either you find yourself in the seat of some scam for money, or you find yourself in a group that is more like a group therapy session than anything spiritual. Since when has Sithism become all about questioning the moral standard? Since when has it become a contest of whose Daddy loved them less? Since when has it become something of inaction? Question after question but nothing that drives one forward to being empowered. That is why it sickens me.
The Sith Code speaks to me…its truth to me, and since Jedi live to their code, Sith should not be any different. I did not take the title of Darth just for the fun of it, I did it because I live by what I have learned. I know what it is to harness the power of the Dark Side. I am empowered by this…I take action with this, but, can other Sith say the same? Or are they just the ‘pretenders’ that Darth Bane spoke of; and in this life, they are nothing more than people hiding behind a computer screen and roelplaying?
Darth Bane said that to share power was to dilute it…and thus he came up with the Rule of Two. This helped the Sith survive, this rule made them prosper. He saw the weakness which was The Brotherhood of Darkness and so he destroyed it and then made everything anew. While his method was always meant to grow and change once the Sith came to power again, he brought glory back to the Dark Side. Again, I see this almost every day. So many Sith sites looking merely for the numbers…people that do not care for the path, for the code, for power, or even for action. People who come in and do not even try to better themselves but go around spamming Darth Vader pics or R2-D2 bikini girls. It’s sad…
That, and, even when there are those craving power…the greed of the Leaders that run them make it so that the sites generally destroy themselves much as all the other Sith organizations did before the Rule of Two in fiction. Bane took his title of Darth which had been banned (the title) from the Brotherhood of Darkness because it was thought that it would destroy the Order. He showed that true power was between those few who were dedicated to the Path and not for the masses. There are those who are meant to Lead and those were meant to follow…it’s natural order, and he proved that. Still…this finally leads me to Darth Traya.
Darth Traya was a Jedi Master whose students were considered failures because they either left the order or turned to the Dark Side. Her methods of teaching were met with harsh criticism because she wanted her students to ask questions, and she wanted her students to find their own way. She was in no way a ‘traditional’ Jedi because she knew that everyone needed to develop their own strength, to face the trials in life both good and bad, and she did not believe in making people dependant on others who did everything for them.

“If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself… and weaken them. It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards. You stole that struggle from them, cheapened it. If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles. And when they triumph, they will be even stronger for the victory.”
―Kreia to Meetra Surik


Eventually, she was sent into Exile where she fled to find her student Revan, eventually turning to the Dark herself. A powerful Darth, she trained others in the ways she trained her Jedi students, and they too would betray her, strip her of her powers (or so they thought) and leave her to die. It was in this moment that she realized that it was not the Jedi who were evil…nor was it the Sith, but it was The Force. It was the very thing that kept her alive which corrupted these factions. Neither was superior to the other…they never would be, They both shared the same crimes, thus, she tried to rid the World of The Force (or the ability to use it), even though she failed.
Still, this is true. The Jedi are no Saints, and the Sith will always have their flaws. Rather than work together, both point at the other as if they are a hinderance, a weakness, a boundry, when that is in no way true.
…Atlas will be different…my Temple will be different.
It will be a place where someone can bring their beliefs no matter how different, and they can belong. If the code I have presented them does not speak to them, if they can not apply it to their life, then they are free to leave, but, if they choose to stay and share their wisdom without trying to gain rank, without trying to force themselves into a way of thinking just to please a bunch of people stuck in a mindset that excludes others, they are welcome by me, welcome in my home, in my sanctuary. That is what a Temple should be…that is what The Force should be about. Understanding, cooperation, and ultimately about truth.
So for now I will continue down this path I have made, I know now more than ever that this is what I was meant to do. I’m going to make great things happen…I’m going to exceed others assumptions just because I know both Light in Darkness and can use them in a constructive way without it interfering with my spirituality.
…so here’s the first part of my many rants on what will come to disappoint me.


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