Creed 101: Exercise Two

Posted: July 15, 2014 in IJRS Courses

Exercise #2
“There is no ignorance; there is knowledge”

Over the next few days (as the Force moves you) pay close attention to when you or someone else asks you something and you do not know the answer. At that moment, tell yourself ‘There is no ignorance,there is knowledge.’
Then, if you can, consider taking some time and learning the answers. I suggest doing this a few times maybe 3 or 4 if you can. Again, it is up to your discretion. This exercise is an excellent example of how you can help yourself continue to grow in knowledge and with the Force.
If no one gives you an opportunity here are some examples:
How do you say ‘Hello’ in India, Egypt, New Zealand and Hawaii?
What do you do in a case of a choking pet?
Be sure to record your results in your journal.



If there is anything that I can connect to when it comes to the Jedi Code, it is this passage right here: “There is no ignorance; there is knowledge”. I am the type that never likes to be kept in the dark about things. While I understand that life has moments where things are meant to just ‘play out’ without an attempt to control the outcome, I also know that most of life and living requires action…and in order to have said-action or do said-action that takes knowledge. One of the ways in which and why we seek knowledge is via questions (whether asked by others or asked of ourselves).


After reading this passage, I was soon asked a question I did not know. My roommate (who is German) inquired on when I would be returning to the United States. At the time of his asking, I did not have an answer for him, I could not give him a firm answer because it depended on so many things. So, after explaining to him that I did not have an answer right away, I went back to my room and meditated on where my life was going, repeating this part of the stanza over and over again, until at last, I had to go to bed.


Sure enough, things started to unfold nicely over the next couple of weeks. My partner passed her weight-test so that she could stay in the Army. She was taken off the list for the move which would have otherwise kept her in German for the next couple of years. We found out that her new move date back to the US was in November and that she would now be sent to Oklahoma.
But, that still did not answer all of my questions. Sure this assured that I could at least go home by November if I wanted to go back to Indiana…but, if I wanted to be closer to my love, what then? While it was not a question asked by someone else, I figured I would put it here because this is what this passage is supposed to be about. The only reason I have been able to follow my partner is because I work for and it allows me to travel all over the world from warehouse to warehouse. Well, there is no facility in Oklahoma for me to transfer to…which made me look at a map of the USA to determine what my options would be.


In the end I was left with: Dallas, Texas or Coffeyville, Kansas — both would place me about 4 hours away from my partner. The next step was then asking what facilities might take me come November. I had to ask how to contact their HR department, then I had to explain my reasons for moving and the dates I wanted to go. I got rejected by all but 2 of the 4 facilities I applied for which then put into motion my internal transfer. While it was a lot of work, at last I got my answer which was my coming back to the good ‘ole USA in the middle of October at the earliest.
Still, I do not often get asked many questions that I have to look for an answer. Most of the time they are things I can give an answer to right away, like my opinion on a video game, questions about myself, or even questions about my Path and the courses I will be writing for a future temple-project. When I am asked a question that I do not know, then I am usually close enough to my laptop so that I can look up the answer straight away.


But, as far as me being the person to ask the question, that is a different matter. For me, knowledge is power and vice-versa. To not know something is a weakness (in my opinion). So, the minute a question enters my brain, I am compelled to find that answer else it gets in the way of sleep and sometimes even clouds my focus on other things. I am always asking questions because I always want to ‘know’. Whether the subject benefits me in any way or not, I would rather know than to someday run into a situation wishing I had that knowledge (and/or had learned in beforehand). I know it supposed to be a rather short-deal…so sorry for the spiel.


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