A name has arisen?

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Asking Advice?, Uncategorized

A name is just a name…and for days now I have known what I am supposed to be called, and furthermore I am starting to know why. But, there are still so many things which confuse me. It would seem that this last meeting with my Guardian had some people interested and others concerned. While I did not mention this to a lot of people…after the last meeting with ‘him’, Buffalo skulls started popping up everywhere.

Suddenly they were in every shop window, in news articles, they were in places where you normally would not see them. I mean, I live in a part of Germany where it a huge city surrounded by other huge cities…there are no fields, and there are not any buffalo anywhere to be found. Some had come to the conclusion that maybe my Guardian was not all that he seemed before, and I agreed…but not in the same sense. I always knew that my personal guardian had another side…but because I was shielding my darker half, so too did he shield his. As one spirit and one mind, we mirrored each other. So, when I went off my own to study the Dark Side, he let me be as, I was not seeking his guidance and therefore he was not offering it.

Still…as someone who comes from a Wicca background, I was starting to look more into what my Guardian might be. I never looked very hard before, simple definitions of a ‘water buffalo’ seemed to make me content enough that I did not need to ask a billion questions…but after this last meeting, I was starting to wonder. As someone who used to praise the God and the Goddess, his looks and nature reminded me of Cernunnos or “The Green Man” // often attuned to nature and the Sun who was later cast as the demon: Ba’al when Christians pointed their finger in the way of Paganism and called it evil:

Still…I was not the only one who was thinking this as I received a PM with the following:

Been back to read your blog about the guardian encounter. Have to admit, it is pretty cool — and very consistent with how guardians tend to teach. By bringing you in ‘in the dead or winter/darkness’, he was throwing you off balance… from the warm and welcoming environment you were used to. Same with his appearance. That old duality bug.

Also a HUGE nod to the idea that ‘all is illusion’ — you and he looking ‘normal’ in the mirror while looking quite different in the moment. What we ‘seem’ is the illusion (mask) we wear when we go out into the world. Although the astral is a ‘purer’ place, it is also a place where one could easily slip on many other masks as the moment calls for — the guardians tend to work to make you understand that; once you strip that all away — there is the core ‘you’ — and THAT is the bit most worth getting to know.

For some reason, over the last few days, I keep thinking there is a connection between your semi Indian ‘Buffalo head’ and the Green Man — which would also make the ‘change’ to a barren, thorn filled surroundings more of a ‘jolt’ to the implied ‘friend of growing things’ motif.

Anyway… next time you talk to your guardian, he can confirm or deny any or all of this.


To which I then replied with this:

Going back to my Guardian…I too have been thinking about this as I started searching for my name in the realm of “Fire”…and the more I thought about him, the more that I too was thinking towards the Green Man (having come from Wicca before I found The Force). As I was thinking this, I started going off that path, but not entirely…still in the realm of the Green Man, but more in the realm of how he was christianized and made into something evil. Again, a duality, a deity of nature on one side, and a demon lord on the other side: I was thinking of Ba’al.

Ba’al was what the image of the Green Man became when Christians turned the finger towards Pagans and cast them as Devil Worshippers. Ba’al also means a lot of other things as well.
For example:
From Baal of Carthage who is identified with Titan Cronus and Saturn — solar diety also thought to be a lunar deity by some (duality), and god of the Brazier. Also known as the “Two horned God”
• As literal fire, to cook or bake on (Exodus 12:8), or to refine metal with (Exodus 32:24).
• Literal fire, as instrument of destruction (Exodus 22:5, Joshua 11:6).
• Altar fire (Leviticus 10:1, Numbers 3:4).
• Supernatural fire pertaining to theophanies (Exodus 3:2, Nehemiah 9:12).
• The wrath of YHWH (Psalm 89:46, Isaiah 66:15).

Naturally I would think nothing of this…but the name Baal kept nagging at me and nagging at me. So, not only was Ba’al tied to a Titan who could either be lunar or solar, but upon further searching for Ba’al —- I found this:

// and suddenly the name Esh-Ba’al hit my like a lance in the ribs.

Esh-Baal —the fire of the idol or of the ruler // the fire kindled by my guardian. A guardian that knows life, but also knows death…the power of the earth to grow and the power of fire to destroy. I have never known his name…and now I wonder if it is Ba’al.


I am in no way disturbed about this…the news would not bother me as I know that Ba’al is a name of evil given to something that was (for the most part) something that was good. They gave Him the dark form he wears today as an evil, demon lord…but still, to think I might be his fire…be his…other soul? Mortal soul?

I would ask him about this…but I cannot reach him. The void has not been letting me in as if I have denied access for the moment until things become more ‘certain’ in my mind. I am feeling tested…but, over what?

  1. Kol Drake / RD says:

    heh… one civilization’s god is always turned into a ‘bad guy’ by the next culture to come along… the Middle East is ripe with Gods and Goddesses who were made into bad guys or conveniently rolled into some ‘acceptable’ role model they already looked up to.

    Seeing skulls everywhere — especially after not being able to ‘get in touch’… perhaps he is saying, “I’m still here and keeping an eye on you so, don’t fret.”

    Plus, now that you are named, perhaps he (and his aspects) are waiting to see where you go with this naming/title… how it enhances or changes how you act/where your path goes from here.

    • element02 says:

      Hm…yes, that would make sense were he just standing back and allowing the name to sink in. As of right now, I have not seen too many changes, but I believe this will change as I work more on my Temple and really pound out what my ideology is and etc.

      I must say that recently I have not been attempting to go back to ask questions but taking a moment to really relax.

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