Taking the Title: Darth Larken awakens.

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Ranting/Venting, SITH-Related

Taking the Title: Darth Larken awakens.


In all my teachings of Sithism, their universe of power and passion seemed to revolve around ranks. Ranks showed what you accomplished, the tasks you had completed. It showed your pain and suffering as you strove for new heights, it showed your struggle as you crawled along the ground, begging for just a taste…a mere drop of power and a strange sense of control.
At the Sith Academy, I can at least say that they did one thing right. They had the Masters who were always there to teach, they had a structured curriculum to help their Acolytes grow into something greater than what they arrived as. They actually had lesson plans that would boost one in ranks, to give them that taste of power so that they wanted more (it also kept only dedicated people around because the tasks could be somewhat tedious and required actual work). But, the most elusive rank of them all was Darth.
Naturally, this rank only applied to the Founders.
But, on rare occasion…someone could boost themselves to this rank. Usually it was based in mere favoritism. It was handed out more like a gift rather than something that actually had to be accomplished. Granted, this did not mean that the strongest did not get this rank…as the stronger people did. But, what goes for the others? People who stayed on that site such as myself…people whose whole effort was poured into making SA something that was great? What of them?
You see, I was (at highest) a Lord on that site before I took my leave. Ranks were always changing, at one time I was going to be made Prophet (which was higher than Lord) until they scrapped that rank idea, and we stayed at our basic structure to keep things more organized.
I ran the site for awhile…I was on there constantly, posting lectures, teaching apprentices, helping people reach out to their dark sides. But, the funny thing is…in all this time of being a Sith, and excelling in the Dark Side of The Force…there was one major lesson that never hit home, one major lesson that I missed.
In Sithism…if you want something YOU TAKE IT.
All of this came to my mind a week ago.
Someone whom I respect greatly in The Force, made it a point to say they respected as a Lord and even asked if I would prefer to be called ‘Darth’ Larken. I thought about this for a moment, and my mind automatically made up its mind that I should not be called this as it was a title that was never ‘given’ to me. After this conversation, I then had a nagging feeling within myself. I had this terrible aching and this headache…more like a feeling of annoyance with myself. But why?
The more I pondered on it…the more that hunger started to grow. That thirst for power within me…the beast was stirring. That’s when I realized how much this man’s words had truly affected me. He said I had all but earned the title Darth long ago. With my writings, with my ability to teach others, with how I excelled at SA…I belonged to be in that top rank of those who understood that Dark Side…that realm of a different kind of power. With my knowledge and understanding, I should have risen to the top long ago.
Now I was sitting there thinking on those words I had typed…how the title had not been ‘given’ to me, and therefore I could use it. Bah! I spit on the idea. I live by the Sith Code…ever day my life is poured into this Creed…this mantra of power. It moves me, it flows through me at every waking moment. It fuels me. What more can I say? True…I am a Light-sider, but only in accordance to reality. The Force is something more than that, and while I am a Shadow Aspect…the shadow, the darkness shows more than my light-sided frame on that scale.
At SA we were always challenged to take that which we wanted. Then we would defend what we had taken, and that was our true test. But, I never had to fight for what I wanted. Only on rare occasions did I have to defend myself and my accomplishments from someone else because of their ignorance or impatience. Other than that, I was never the wolf in the pit, fighting over scraps with the other scragglers. I was always above because someone wanted me there. I wanted to be there as well…but on my own terms and conditions.
So, for the first time…I know now what lesson I was missing. I know why others found me so weak-hearted, so Light. Now for the first time I am understanding the concept of taking what you want and achieving something great. Darth Larken has awoken from her slumber…and with this awakening is going to be some changes. It will take years no doubt…but, I am starting my own Sith Temple.
I will only take in those who can show me they are dedicated. I don’t want dreamers or role-players…I want people who will take action!!! I want people who can demonstrate for me, true power. Sithism is not about those who are the most psychotic, or those who have seen the most death, or walked the most pitiful road. It is about taking what you want, defending it from others with fist, with steel, with mind, with anything you have because your whole ‘self’ and everything around is a weapon…
So then, I dare someone to complain. Whine about my rank, my title, my right to power…try and take it from me in any way you can. You shall not break me, you shall not defeat me, you can’t. When this Temple rises…this new child of mine, it will be small, it will look like any other board. But, there will be something there, something that every other place anymore seems to truly lack…and that is passion. Anyplace can claim to have power…but true power only comes with passion and understanding. I am bringing this back to the Dark Side of The Force.

Darkness be with you…always.

Darth Larken of the Sith.

  1. Kol Drake / RD says:

    Darth implies dark…. odd Larken rings so differently. Guess the old “to know the true name gives one power over that which is named.”

    noun. a mystical creature that is bird-like. A person that is described as a larkin is someone who is very stubborn and mischievous. They are always getting into trouble and causing a fuss. But a larkin can also be gentle and calm if it likes you. They have very very soft fur and skin and enjoy purring.
    “She is SUCH a Larkin.”

    Okay… I have never gotten the impression you are a ‘light and fluffy’ who shoots rainbows out of her… well, let’s forget rainbows and unicorns for now. (( unless you are more for the ‘dark’ species — if I recall, they eat flesh and run folks through with their uni-horn — but that is another dimension all together ))

    Congrats on taking on the name and mantle of ‘Darth’-hood.
    Wear it proudly and use it wisely.

    • element02 says:

      Larken was a name I was given in High-School…just a role-playing name and nothing more. The Larken character was usually male and was always the bad-guy or the one with a darker more troubled story than all the rest. He was always a loner, to himself, and obsessed with the idea of power.
      Then, later on, that name was used to describe my alternate self…my darker half. I could not think of a name for myself when I joined SA, and Larken seemed to fit. I figured it would do for the time being until I gained a Master and they gave me my true, dark, name.

      But, I was never taken under such an apprenticeship and was never given a dark name. People only know me as Larken, but I am thinking that the name will come to change once my Temple is finished and I start taking people under my wing.

      While dark…I can be fluffy too 😉

  2. Tyla says:

    That’s why I was attracted to the dark side in the first place, the fact that the bad guy always does what he freakin’ wants without concern for others!

    • element02 says:

      The Dark Side has its purpose, but so does the Light. In the Dark side it is easy to excel and succeed, to gain rank, title, but it is also easy to keep pushing forward without gaining any purpose and any real power. Having you explore the Light Side first will help pave the way for a better gain, a more meaningful gain later when you start looking into the Dark Side aspects. But both the Light and Dark have their ups and downs.

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