Creed 101: Exercise One

Posted: April 18, 2014 in IJRS Courses

Exercise #1
“There is No Emotion, There is Peace”

So, this exercise took me a lot longer than what I intended…but, I felt as though I was not at the point of which I wanted to be (I am most likely still not even close to there) and therefore, did not wish to post the assignment right away. There is no emotion…to let go of emotion is still such a foreign concept to me. Pushing something to the back of your mind is one thing, but, to obliterate it altogether is something else entirely, and, to me, sometimes it can be counted as counter-productive.
The emotions that we feel are meant to come to us as lessons. A Sith once taught me a lesson about emotions. His name was Miles, and he said that emotions were not meant to be released, but merely meant to be understood. Taking time to talk with your emotions as if they were pets or children would allow you to clarify why such emotions were happening, and once the emotions were understood…you would have clarity, you would have this inner peace and control, and you would be able to focus then at the task at hand and progress…only this time, you were progressing with a higher sense of knowledge about yourself and about other things than you had before.
So…I tried to mix such lessons. To let go of emotion (to me) is to fail to learn from said-emotion. To miss out on an opportunity for spiritual growth and for ultimate understanding. These last two weeks have been perfect for this assignment because, right now, there is much going on in my life.
As most know, I am currently living overseas because my partner is military…and, she might be getting out of the military much sooner than planned. Take that in account with the stress from my job, also with the rising costs of things, mix that in with relationship troubles and fears of the future (which still plague me to this day) and you have things which need to be conquered…but not through pushing them back for another day in order to bring to me to the present…but through understanding so that they might never occur ever again and I can have that sense of clarity that I need to overcome similar things in the future. Make sense?
So yes…every time I said that there was no emotion…I was reminding myself that emotions are both a strength and weakness. But, when emotion is a weakness, that weakness must be turned around into something which can improve myself as a human being. Think of a situation in battle…if a soldier panics, they will forget what they have learned and they might get themselves or others killed. Therefore, soldiers are taught to remain calm in any situation for their own benefit and to save the lives of others during a hectic situation.
Every time I said there was no emotion…I brought myself to the present. Reminded myself of all the things currently that I had going for me which remedied my fears, and reinforced my goals. Every time I said there was peace, I made sure to smile, because with anger comes no progress…just brooding and more stress. With a smile, I was breaking through that stress-barrier and reminding it that I was boss. By bringing myself to the here and now as someone strong and determined, I was brought a moderate reprieve from my troubles.
But again…I still have a long way to go.
So, I will be journaling more on this (hopefully from a week-to-week basis at the least).


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