Butthurt much?

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Ranting/Venting

So…most people know me as Mia or Element, but, my main religious handle when it comes to Force-User websites is Larken. I called out the Black Dragon Empire on their new scam for power.
All they want is money, and all they can make are fake promises that will never be kept. They are not evil…not even close. They are just stupid.

So, I happened to post their videos on a humor-section within some of the Sith websites in which I attend. On TOTJO, their first video (which I posted in another entry) was also a laughing stock of funny comments about their “drinkable mojo”, on Mortose’s site, it was in the humor section to which Imperius (now known as Amon Kahn) saw it as mocking, and had to make a response video.

I would like to say how fancy that vibrator is…I only wish that mine were really that pretty 😉
Still, this video does not insult me. In fact, it just shows how low they really go. They say that our words and mocking mean nothing, but, be that true…then why must they address Mortose and I like this? Why tip your hat to us and say you will be meeting us in hell? I can garuntee everyone that…wherever death leads me, it will not lead me to where Ravenus and Imperius lay. Their lost souls have no say in where the Path will take me and my destined life beyond my last breath.

Still…found it funny. I’m actually looking forward to the next installment.


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