SA’s new scam for power…

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Ranting/Venting

I seriously did not think that they could get any lower than what they are. Look at what this world is coming to. So…this is what power is? showing off your weapon? Wearing masks and cheap costumes and promising something that you cannot even provide?

I placed this in the humor section of several Sith websites just because…this is so pathetic that it comes off as funny. Two people swearing that all shall fall before them when they don’t have…anything! They left the path of The Force, they lost their power when they let fall their mission, when they gave up their dream, and forgot what it meant to be endarkened. Even as someone who is not even Sith, I would say that my alignment with Bogan is darker than they could ever wish to be…because they are role-players…sad, little role-players, and they can no longer even be called Shadows of what they used to be.

Congratulations you two…Ravenus, you have gone mad, and you have taken down the brilliant mind of Imperius with you. You have killed your passion. I used to hate you…and now, I merely pity your souls.


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