Creed 101: Beginning Exercise

Posted: March 28, 2014 in IJRS Courses

Beginning Exercise:
There is no emotion, there is peace
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no death, there is The Force.

To begin learning about the Code, take some time (I will not tell you how much–that is up to you and the Force) to read over a few times this version of the Jedi Code. When you are ready, record your thoughts on it. First over all–how does it make you feel when you contemplate it? Maybe it doesn’t make you feel anything? There are no right or wrong answers to this exercise.
Next, take each line and record how YOU would define its meaning. Again, there are no wrong or right answers. The point of this exercise is to let you see where you are at the beginning of this course.
Please post your findings(and all future assignments)in your Training Journal and on the Creed 101 training area of the IJRS Forums. Once you have done that task, you will be ready to move onto the first lesson.


When I read the Jedi-Code over to myself and in my head, it does nothing…it does not speak to me, does not make me rethink my life or the way it is being lived. But, perhaps this is because there is a different code for the Jedi that I think fits me more personally, and works best with what I am all about. This code almost seems like it is trying to cancel something out of existence…to erase the first thing so that only the second thing remains.

Perhaps I am taking it all wrong and it is merely saying that in Jedi-Realism the first thing does not exist, but the second thing does…and it is not really speaking about reality itself.
Because…going to into the second part of the assignment and dissecting each line of the code:
‘There is no emotion, there is peace.’
To be taken literally would mean that there should be no emotion in this world…that there should only be peace. But, as most know, I am a Shadow aspect in the Force…a Dark Jedi, and to me, this notion is unrealistic. Emotion is all part of being human, and humanity…the act of being human is not just something that we can throw away.

Peace is also something I consider to be a dream and nothing more. As I have explained countless times…the Light cannot exist without the Dark. Good does not exist without Evil…for, without Evil, how would we be able to define what is good anyways? Life cannot exist without War, for War is what keeps the world in balance, in check. Power struggles, terrorism, they are all things that are inevitable.
If every person in the world could just take what they need (and took nothing more), then everyone could get by with enough to survive and be happy. But, there will always be someone who wants more, who feels as though they deserve more, and they will take more than their share, knowing that someone else might go without. It is something we cannot change, as that is how the world works. I’m not saying that there might not be calms in this world, breaks in which harmony can be achieved for a set time…but something will always come to challenge the Light, Evil will always come to test the might of the Good.
If this applied strictly to Jedi-Realism and not reality itself…then it would make sense that Jedi are weary of emotion for emotions can cause bouts of doubt and weakness. The emotions we have can lead people to the Dark Side, just negative emotions and feelings in general, and thus, a Jedi cannot have these emotions, must not feel these emotions, but be at constant peace with themselves and ultimately aim for the peace of the World.
‘There is no ignorance, there is knowledge’.
To be taken literally as in accordance to reality, this might just be true. There is not a single person in this world that is un-knowing of something, and therefore, in some way, everyone is knowledgeable…but, we also know that ignorance (as more of an insult) is something that occurs in reality. There are ignorant people out there, and no shred of what they might ‘know’ makes them anything more or less of this.
But in accordance to Jedi-Realism, Ignorance cannot exist, for a Jedi’s power is through knowing and through understanding. I can relate to this, for knowledge, to me, is power. To know an enemy is to defeat an enemy, and to know something is to overcome it.
‘There is no passion, there is serenity.’
The definition of passion is a “barely controllable emotion”…and that exists in everyone. Passion is a human experience that we all go through at some point. Whether that passion be in love of a person, or love of an art, or perhaps it is through other means that we find this ‘passion’…but it is there. To say that it cannot exist in reality, is again, to try and throw away one’s humanity.
Even in Jedi-Realism, to barely makes sense to me why passion cannot exist within the Light aspect of The Force. Passion does not have to be a negative thing. There are many positive examples of passion (like I mentioned before…being the love of a person or an art). Yes, passion can be destructive, and yes, that would mean opening the floodgates of emotion…but either way, it’s the way in which you harness this passion which should truly matter on its existence.

Serenity exists in reality though it is harder for most people to harness, use, and come to a state of mind with. Defined as: “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.” Is harder for humans to do because life is full of stressers. It would make sense that those in Jedi-Realism would strive for this, as a calm and clear mind is a powerful mind (same as they say a focused mind is a deadly mind).
So, at this point, I do not believe the Code is speaking literally, for such things as passion could not be cancelled out of existence. Not forever, not throughout an entire race. Ignorance could be dealt with (perhaps)…but not emotion in its purest form.
‘There is no death, there is The Force’.
This last verse all comes down to your particular beliefs, and really, it could mean anything. We do not know what happens after we draw our last breath. Whether it be Heaven or Hell, whether it be Nothingness or Reincarnation, no one knows until they are there. Me, personally…my views come from my time studying Wicca.
I’m a firm believer that we are on a mission to become perfect souls through multiple experiences. We die, and then we are reborn as someone/something else, over-and-over so that we might experience all things. In one life, on might be a cop so that they learn of justice and the law, the next life…they are the robber that robs a bank, keeps a hostage, so that they might learn greed, and injustice. As souls we learn both good and evil, and, once our journey is complete, we return then to the Divine (or in this case The Force). The End.
So…in reality, you would never be able to cancel out death, for death is taken different ways among everyone, and face it…death is something that happens. Whether that is defined merely as a heart stopping or a soul leaving a body, the meaning is personal and varies. In Jedi-Realism and in speaking of Jedi in general…they would belief that death does not exist because all things are part of The Force while living, and therefore even after ‘dying’ one would continue to go on through The Force, and therefore could not be considered ‘dead’ as it is still in existence.
Either way, this is just how I see it at the moment, and look forward to what these lessons might teach me as I progress further on.

  1. Kol Drake / RD says:

    It is why I tend toward the other rendition of the code —

    Emotion, yet peace
    Ignorance, yet knowledge.
    Passion, yet serenity.
    Death, yet The Force.

    This seems to agree with your thoughts…. that, being human, we have emotions and passions and yet — we can learn to bring them under control so that the emotion or passion does not blind us to finding solutions — or peace, or serenity while in the grip of said instances.

    Ignorance… is a choice. One can choose to not learn from every waking moment but… man, what a dull life that must be. Since I eat books daily, I can not imagine a life where I am not learning SOMETHING every day… no matter how odd or twisted or seemingly ‘not of use at this time’… it all comes in handy some time down the road.

    Death and the Force…
    Death is pretty much a ‘sure thing’ (the old death and taxes quote) — but yes, we may ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ but the quintessence of ‘us’ — soul? spirit? encoded energy matrix? goes on since the old physics rift still holds true — matter can not be destroyed; it only changes state. So, the mundane body ‘decomposes’ (( heh.. old Harry Nilsson song comes to mind from “The point” )) and that energy / spark which makes us us ‘lives on’.

    Pretty much agree with how you view most of it… though sometimes I think you lean harder to the Sith-ian concepts than the Jedi ones… but I think that’s because you identify more with the Sith than the Jedi so far.

  2. Kol Drake / RD says:

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