Love and The Force

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Ranting/Venting, Uncategorized

One thing that drives me nuts, is the fact that people are constantly posting on The Jedi Church (Facebook) page, and asking about things that have to do with love. Usually they ask whether or not they should be in a relationship, but then you get people that ask: “I am Gay, is this okay?” or, “What do you guys think about Bi-Sexuals?”

Really? What is this? (insert random-ass screaming about this not being a Baptist Forum or something similar).

Alright…I get it, the movies say that Jedi cannot have relationships because it interferes with their duties, training, blah, blah, blah…it’s a stupid rule, and, even when I was playing Star-Wars-the-old-Republic (SWtoR) I got really upset when we had to out the other Jedi that had fallen in love. I told the truth, but only because I wanted my reputation to stay blue…any other time, and I would have lied.

Anyways…it gets on my nerves because the Jedi of his day, this time…the “real” Jedi that actually exist in this universe…is a LOT different from that of the movies. It is a mish-mash of different religions and religious practices, all scrambled together to create a disciplined faction of modern-day knights. Still…I finally just snapped when I saw ‘yet another’ person making a post about their sexuality and whether or not it was ‘okay’…

It’s already sad enough in this day and age when someone thinks they have to ask about their sexuality and how it might affect enlightenment. Either way, this is my response to someone who asked about being Bi-Sexual:

I feel as though sexuality does not matter, and does not affect someone spiritually. Here is the thing, I see stuff on here often about people questioning whether or not they should have relationships due to the Jedi-rules from the movies…and the thing is, yes, this religion and lifestyle is based on what the movies have, but it is also another entity in itself entirely, and above all else, it is a personal path that should only be defined by you.

If someone does not agree with your sexuality and says that it is a problem, then, they are forgetting one of the key elements of being a Jedi, and that is “love”. Not only that, but, they are forgetting another key element (one that is forgotten more often than one would think), and that is “understanding”.

Jedi is different across the board…Temples teach it differently from website to website (what it is, how it functions, even the code can be modified at times), so what it comes down to is this: Do you see yourself as Jedi? Do you follow your views as a Jedi? Are you constantly trying to better yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually because you are Jedi? Did you answer yes to all of those questions? Then congrats…you are Jedi.
Does your sexuality affect any of those things above? Does being Bi-sexual keep you from improving anything? Does it keep you from following your Path? Does love keep you from spiritual growth and advancement? If you answered no to those questions then there you go. You are still Jedi, and you are fine.


So yeah, nothing too huge…but God, these questions get me fuming. Lets just say, some of the responses that this question got were okay, but sometimes, people just make me mad. As stated, the Jedi-Path (and any Force Path for that matter) is completely personal. Obviously you have places like TotJO that add their little Christian-twist to everything…and then you have places like IJRS which are more open, more accepting, more understanding, and more diverse in their lessons and teaching, but that focus more on the ‘personal self’ than other places I have been to.

Not any one person can to YOU what is the right Jedi-way and what is the wrong Jedi-way…only YOU can define this Path for yourself…and people in the Jedi Church seem to forget this, and/or have never known it to be in the first place.


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