A lot of new study-resources as well as other random updates.

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Writing in this blog is a hit and miss because life has been so crazy lately.
I have still been doing Force Studies, but, I am taking them at a much slower pace than before just because there are so many places where I have made myself…well, ‘known’? That, by no means, means that I am ‘active’ on said-sites…but that I am there browsing the resources and taking what I want/can in order to continue development on my personal ‘truth’.

Anyways…other than placing myself in OotS, I am still at IJRS and TOTJO. I have also found myself being invited to a forum for the Je’daii as well as having joined Force Academy, and a new site called the “Council Nine”. I believe that having all these resources and all these places with different teaching methods will be good for me. They help to keep me motivated and on what I consider to be my right path of balance.

But, either way…I have been a little too busy to post what I would like on here. I started a Chronicle (more like a Holocron) awhile back. I ended up editing what I had and have begun anew, and, I would like to start posting those bits and pieces as hey come to me unless I adopt a whole new blog for that.
Also, I wanted to work on the “Force Talk” Channel that I was so excited about…but while I may have the scripts, may have the uniform, and may have the topics written down that I wanted to eventually discuss…it is the “quality” that I am worried about. I want to make something great, something that looks professional…and alas, my laptop and talking on the edge of my bed in dim lighting just does not do the trick.

Perhaps I can work with different lighting or wait until the summer when it does not get dark so soon…but it’s still a long-shot.It’s supposed to be an educational channel that I want people to take seriously and not look at it like some other “vlog”. Ah well.

In two weeks I will be in Italy…so, I will be on a week’s hiatus. Plus I am in the process of renewing my Visa here in Germany as well as a few other things. Basically, for the next few months, it might be hard to get hold of me because there are issues on Taz’s side too that we may or may not have to worry about.
Until the next time then…


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