Defining Jedi and Sith

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Ranting/Venting, Uncategorized

The other day I was reading through some unanswered messages on TotJO, and this person said to me: “I believe that the words Jedi and Sith are oftentimes misused.” to which he then went on to say that he wished people would better define the terms of those two words before they go about talking on them.

This question comes up a lot on different forums, in the different Temples and Institutes…and thus, there is always someone asking: “What is Jedi? What is Sith?”

I took some time to ponder this, when I finally came to this conclusion…


Defining Jedi and Sith is an impossibility:

I do agree with this person that the words of Jedi and Sith are often misused…but just as they are misused, so are they very much misunderstood. While we do have places here like TotJO and Order of the Sith which define the paths of Light and Darkness, so are there other Temples that claim similar titles (being Jedi and Sith), but, they approach this religion and lifestyle in a very different way.

IJRS (the main Temple I study at) teaches Jedi-Realism in a different light than TotJO, and Order of the Sith takes the Dark Side as a more individualistic path than Sith Academy did, because SA wanted their power to be uniform. So really, no matter where you go, there will be something about being Jedi or Sith that is different, and in the end, I don’t think there is any way to really define the two Force Users because one Jedi is never the same versus the other, and our paths are always personal.

*deep breath*

With that being said, still…there are those that say the two sides of The Force are a mere mockery of what they were in Fiction, that people have merely taken religions like Christianity and Santanism, giving them a different name and a slightly different look with a few new elements added in.
While I mostly agree that such paths as these two should be something personal and individualistic, I also see why they should be uniform and all follow under one code.

Recently there was someone that I met on the “Dark Side” of things whom said he had come here because anger and hatred was all he had left. TotJO was not giving him the tools he needed in order to become the person he believes he was destined to become…and thus, he had started to throw away Jedi-Realism altogether. While I am never one to turn someone away from the Dark Side, I let him know that TotJO was not a voice of all Jedi…and while they are a rather large temple in themselves…I have often found their lessons lacking, they train others not as individuals, but as one mass body—everything is impersonal and the same (this is merely my opinion).

That temple mixes teachings of Jedi-Realism with Christianity to create this Haven of serenity and good that seems as though it would accomplish little to nothing in the real world. I assured him there were places that were much more realistic, much more personal, and there were places that were positioned in the Light that would give him what he needed…thus I pointed him in the direction of IJRS.

But you see…if the Jedi-way were uniform as it is in Fiction, it would have that benefit of having the tools needed for all people who seek the way of Justice and the Light, right? But when looking at TotJO, in the way they handle their teachings as uniform…it would seem they too missed the point and purpose of what Jedi is. Sure, being uniform, it would cut down those more personal Paths and those that want to take an alternate direction of chaotic good/neutral (such as myself), but, would that really matter? Wouldn’t the Jedi be able to perform their true function as keepers of Harmony and Balance through one universal code and teaching? Do they not fear that such differences in the Path of Light might cause conflict between those who consider themselves wholly good?

Same thing can be said for the Sith. There are those that think the Dark Side follows one code, is meant to be uniform, and seriously believe in things like the rule of two. There are such places that do the opposite and tell the dark-siders to do as they wish, take what they want, and make what they want out of their lessons which they will then begin to apply to their real life.

While I myself believe in power in numbers, in the way of a brotherhood (such as military teaches it) and uniformity, I also believe in free thought and free will to do as one pleases. But, some would say that without a universal code, without a uniform rulebook in which to follow, the Dark Side and Light Sides are weak.

To tell someone in the Dark to take what they want and then leave…to just let them go without teaching the discipline, without instilling this sense of wanting to overcome the person above them and take command, what then is the Dark Side there for?

It is because of all these conflicts that people look on the Jedi and Sith as if they are jokes, this is reason why people cannot take us seriously because we are so spread out, so lacking in that uniformity and that discipline which is supposed to make us one force and one body.

It’s understandable why people come seeking out the Jedi and Sith (after finding out they exist) and then leave…it’s because they see the Fiction, they see those forces for what they think they should be, and then when they join, they see just how different we truly are from the thing they idolized and wanted to become. Mass confusion and an inability to find proper resources that agrees with the individual just because there is so much to look at and go through…*sigh*

I dunno where this rant was really going, but I find the discussion interesting all the same. So tell me then, what is Jedi and Sith to you? What is true good and evil if it not against that which is Light and that which is Dark? I look forward to the responses.


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