Back in the balance of things.

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized


I recently completed a course at IJRS and it has me feeling very accomplished. That, and, with the scripting of Force Talk going on, I have been motivated to get back into the balance of being that Grey Aspect of the Force User.

I have been browsing multiple Forums as of late…none that expect a great deal of work out of me, but enough that I have multiple resources at my fingertips for when I need them. Also, because I wanted more resources than just a shadow of SA for my talk on Sithism (when I get around to it via my YouTube Channel), I finally took up the offer to join “Order of the Sith” where I could once again delve into the Dark Side.

Not only that…but there is another ally in the Dark Side that reached out to me recently. For awhile he had gone back to SA and was asking me back…promising my title (if not a position that was higher) and promising me that things had changed. With the fall of TOTSO, this offer was rather tempting…but after replying back to this ally (he had mailed me over 6 months prior), he got back to me and told me that he had left SA again and to never go back. Supposedly the site has fallen further than it ever did before…offering free sex, pedophilic suggestions, and supposedly, the members are selling something known as the “Kryat Dragon”…a new type of drug that is supposed to pull others to their cause via addiction (and they are obviously making profit from this). I wanted to do some investigations, but, I know that it is best not to even become associated again with those heathens and fools, so, I just pray they get what is coming to them for shaming the name of The Force and the Dark Side…and also for hurting others through their greed and quest for an evil type of power.


The only other thing that has been new is that there is a neutral Force known as the Je’daii — supposedly a mixture of both Light and Dark teachings that also offers something completely new and unique to The Force. While I was asked to join long ago, I only recently registered on the board, and have not had the time to really read through everything because of work and my interests lying elsewhere. Still, because I am working on multiple boards with multiple teachings and etc…there might be a lot more posting on here.

I’m not even sure what this blog is for other than addressing my concerns and posting personal beliefs. I think I might move things from my old Sith blog here as well so that others might gain insight to me, the way I work, and the things I have learned.

Until next time then.
Force be with you.


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