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Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

…starting off with the title…I began a YouTube Channel called “Force Talk”. As I have mentioned before, I often find myself struggling to get motivated when it comes to Jedi-classes and etc. Since this is one of the challenges I wanted to overcome so that I might attain my goals, I started this “Force Talk” Channel because it is something I like to do.

I like recording, like video editing…I like interviewing people and putting others’ thoughts into perspective. Another reason that I decided to do this is also because there are a lot of stereotypes that surround alternative religions in general…but, Force Users really take the cake. Being something that was originally based off of a set of movies…this religion is generally something that is not taken seriously (at least, not outside of people that have tried it out and/are still involved), it more or less comes off as a joke.

People in the military often put down that they are “Jedi” just to be funny and to fuck around with the people stamping their tags. I have heard of it happening more than once. People tend to believe that we sit around in robes trying to move object and pretend like we own real lightsabers and will then go and save the galaxy. People think we are delusional and have no life…never grew up and moved out of mother’s basement…I guess. I also figure that because there are so many “fake” Jedi Temples too (people who are role-players and only pretend they are Jedi for pure sake of the fandom), I also wanted to make this Channel to become informative towards people who might be interested in The Force and what it has to offer.

All-in-all, I think this Channel will be good from separating truth from myth, and it will help guide those who have felt The Force reach out to them. I think it will also bring us closer as a Community, and it might even go so far as to show we are a serious religion that should be more recognized.

Scripting for the first few episodes are still being done, so, nothing has been recorded yet…I will eventually be setting up interviews and etc. as we go through and talk about different Temples and Institutes online…and that will be fun. Just wanted to throw that out there though so that people might finally see what I have been up to.

On another note…I’m still working on that positivity-thing. I have found that my temper and moods have been improving when I take the time to just breathe and try and see all the positive things rather than the negative. Obviously…when you are fighting with someone who only sees the negative…using a 100% positive outlook is like fighting fire with gasoline…and it only makes things worse because it comes off like the positive person is completely missing the negative person’s point-of-view, and that leads into a different battle (I learned this the hard way).

I’m still trying to be more healthy…but getting rid of soda is something I do not want to do. I will change my foods. Already I am eating Yogurt with pure oats and dried fruits for breakfast, and then light stuff for dinner. But yeah…I seriously need my caffeine. Especially when I have early shift.

I will start a new Jedi class soon…but I’m not sure whether I should take time for Force 101 or Meditation…whichever one I could spend the least amount of time per night on would be my person preference atm.

I will have to look at the course books and see. Still…that’s all I have for now.

  1. butchjax says:

    Sounds interesting. What’s cool is you don’t have to have the answers, just the questions. Having a person who enjoys that can make a big difference!

    Have you taken spirituality 1 or creed? Creed is short (6 lessons maybe?) and spirituality is all on the myth of star wars, which is fun.

    • element02 says:

      I had not looked into those classes yet. I know I had the badges for Force 101 and Meditation which still say “In Progress” which was why I had yet to look into other things. But, I will have to check out Creed and etc. tomorrow.

      I don’t know anything about Star Wars lore…not really. Just the basics. But yeah, once I get videos up and running, I will let you know. I will go ahead and invite you to the Facebook Page I made if I have not already 🙂

      • butchjax says:

        I ask because I want to revamp force 101 this year. I think you’d enjoy Creed and Spirituality a lot more at this point anyway. It will give you good things to play with in your videos as well. 🙂

      • element02 says:

        Fair enough 🙂
        This weekend I will be at the base visiting Taz, so I’m not sure how much time I will have to focus on taking up a new course. That and I have been posting in other places to kinda put myself out there as well. But if you are revamping Force 101 then I will leave it alone for now 🙂

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