Hitler? A SITH Lord?

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Ranting/Venting, SITH-Related

I’m having a Nazi problem

When I first started looking into Sithism, I felt like the whole thing was more or less misunderstood.
Where people would tend to think of it like something of a psychotic zoo…myself, I thought that maybe people were merely making assumptions based off of the fact that the Sith were the bad-guys in the movies.

Either way…when I first started out in Sithism, I felt like like the Light and Dark were played out like this. The Jedi were the optimists…the ones focused on World news, the ones who rallied others with their words of peace and drew people in through philosophical discussions. They always saw the glass as half full, and half the time, seemed as though they lived in some sort of world all their own. They were aware but were not grounded.

Then there were the Sith whom I thought to be the realists. I took their desire for power as a cry for help. They saw what people were truly capable of, they see the monsters hidden under the flesh of mankind. I figured that their desire to have power and control (in the end) was merely for self defense and to protect what was theirs and the ones that they loved (such as friends and family). Sure you had the occasional bad apple (like Ravenus and his constant preaching about taking back male dominance and etc etc), but, I guess it wasn’t until I became a Master at SA and was slowly working my way up to Lord status that I truly started to see the madness that everyone like to poke fun at (within other Force Temples).

…Anyways…I was randomly thinking back to the Sith Academy today when I remembered the section dedicated to honorary ‘Sith Lords’. In there were some really amazing men (like Bruce Lee and etc) but then, you had the others which were somewhat questionable. One such ‘honored Lord’ was Adolf Hitler.

I recently took a trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp outside of Munich. For an empath such as myself, the trip was anything but grand. All the sad and scared emotions floating around the place made me feel nothing more than exhausted and ill. Not that I expected any less…but either way, I was still struck so hard with the fact that one man could cause this with mere words…with propaganda…could start mass genocide in order to fulfill some sort of duty, to achieve the goal of his higher calling.

If we are talking in “Star Wars” movie-terms then Adolf Hitler would be a great Sith Lord (indeed). A veteran of the first world war, a survivor, a crazed man with a deep sense of hatred, longing for power to bring about a new world order. But, in terms of new age Sithism ad Sith-Realism…what does he really amount to? Sith are about boasting their true power, in making others fear them with their real accomplishments and demonstrations of power. Hitler may have caused a movement that nearly killed out entire classes of people, but in the end, it was not him alone in this, it was not his hand that choked the life out of every victim. It was the works of those under him, brainwashed by his ideals.

But…he did have people join him. That did show power in manipulation. He held convincing arguments, and, in Sith teachings they would rather a Sith pretend to know something and fight it tooth and nail rather than lose in an argument against someone inferior. His reign spread fear wide enough to have all sorts of Nations swoop in to take him out and stop his Dark Army…AND, on top of that, every person who lay there suffering, dying of disease, and worked to the bones in the Concentration camps were not only scared…but they lost the most important things to them which was HOPE.

So really…it’s all up for debate on whether or not someone could call him worthy of being a Sith Lord and why they would even want him to be a model in the first place. Last time I checked, Sith do not KILL people!!! We are not into the Dark Side of the Force to slaughter others…we are merely in it to gain power, to gain control over parts of ourselves that run rampant, and ultimately to make a name for ourselves and to live a life of glory. Most Sith are not psychotic, they are not violent…we merely see the world in a different way than others and could be compared to the nocturnal Wiccans and goths of the Force-age (in some ways but not all).
We percieve all of life as an obstacle to overcome, and that through passion and power we will gain enlightenment.

But Hitler…He was a liar…a fake. He lied in his own auto-biography…paid off his friends to lie in their own testimonies, committed suicide rather than surrender himself over the more powerful forces marking him as nothing more than a coward who held control over nothing. He started  a fire that in the end went out of his control and he was left powerless and through his own fears decided to give up.  I guess for the Sith Academy who thrive on lies, glory through wealth and pure status that someone like Adolf Hitler would make a perfect candidate for their teachings and philosophy. But, for the true dark-siders…not so much. Not in my eyes at least.

I already don’t agree with what he did in the past (those who do think his ideals are great are nothing short of psychopaths themselves in my eyes), and, aside from the fact that he was a master manipulator and a wizard with words, he holds no quality of any Sith Lord in this newer age of Dark-Force-Power.

…with that statement aside, the reason I bring this up is because I have been having a terrible time here recently. In Germany there is a lot of negativity in the air. Over the weekend, soldiers stationed in Germany were told to avoid both Nuremberg and Stuttgart during their four-day-holiday-weekend because of Anti-American protests going on in the city.
While we passed only through Nuremberg to catch a connecting train, thinking we would be safe in my city of Augsburg, my girlfriend and I got a surprise when we saw the “Gegen Nazis” protesting through the small strip mall that lies merely 15 minutes (or less) from my flat.

Today a group of Nazis ran past me as I walked home from work, holding signs and protests banners that were too smeared to read, and Police were wearing bullet-proof vests and standing behind barricades as I walk home…out in the open, still not fully knowing what was going on. They had a house surrounded and everything, all blue lights were flashing, and the Polizei were just waiting for a reason to run in and arrest someone. It’s a scary thing.

It is all the more reason why I am so torn between the two teachings (of Jedi and Sith). Because, while I would like to believe in something like “true peace”, I know that it is merely a false hope…something unachievable like the concept of perfection. Even if there is a brief period of quiet in this world, it is only to be short lived. Evil forces will always be brewing in the darkness, always rise up to challenge our way of living, our beliefs, and their unrest and ungratefulness for the things they already have will cause them to seek the fortune of others, blood will be shed, and war will break out through conflict. This path is human nature, and it is inevitable. Still…since I am currently reading on Hitler and all this Nazi-nonsense has been popping up, I figured that I would just share my thoughts.

I’m sure that this was going to go somewhere else and be a longer post…but it is late, and my brain just does not want to function at the moment.

  1. Soulreaper says:

    Not only Hitler and third reich. But, nowadays USA, NATO, it’s a kind of Empire with pseudo-democracy(because democracy does not exist). The rebels can be all those who fight against american imperialism. I never thought in this way before. I never knew i could like Luke Skywalker. He is very existencialist character, very different from myself, i am more deterministic and stoic.

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