Doing the Prep Drills again.

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Diet & Exercise

So I decided that I should probably keep a log that is categorized under “Diet and Exercise” so that I can keep track of all the different things that I am doing in order to get into shape and start training my body.

Well, when Taz was training for the Army, they gave her a book full of all the different PT exercises that they use in order to train the soldiers in different areas like core, shoulder & hop stability, agility, and etc.
Because Taz felt really alone in her endeavor, I used to go with her to the Gym where we would seclude ourselves in one of the areas not being used (usually one of the Yoga rooms or something) and we would work through the book together. Well, I forgot to bring the book with me to Germany, but iOS apps are an amazing thing 🙂

I managed to find the complete book with an optional video instruction in case you’re not sure what something looks like. I’m thinking that I will use this to start my workout routine, creating my own balance of workouts as well as mixing in some Yoga and meditation (with my extra training given to me by Shawn Frix).

Anyways…here is what I accomplished today:


This is my: “Exercise sucks. Why am I doing this again?!” Face.

So today I did 5 reps (5 counts of 4) of:

—Bend & Reach
—Rear Lunge
—High Jumper
—Squat Bender

I also managed 3 semi-push-ups which was a lot better than what I thought I could do.
Later tonight I will finish the preparation drill (forward lunge, prone row, bent leg body twist, and hopefully some more push-ups). How do you think I did?!


I think my main problem is that I do not want to cause injury.
I remember that when I was working out with Taz that I was always pushing myself too hard. She has always been in better shape than me, but she would get angry when I could not keep up or could not do as many things as her (like with running exercises or etc).
Sometimes she felt like I was holding her back or even that I was being lazy, but, what it came down to was that she was on a higher level of fitness than I was, and my body is very different from hers, so I have different limits and different needs.

Still, when I was working out with her, I was always pulling muscles, giving myself serious chest pain and etc…almost to the point of passing out because I would push myself on-and-on even when my muscles were screaming to stop. Today I got to the point where my legs were so wobbly, I could not even complete the first forward lunge, and that’s when I knew it was time for a break.

Again, I want to mix these things with some Yoga and different stretches and meditations for cool-down. I think that this will be a wonderful thing if I can keep it up.

Please wish me luck!!!

  1. butchjax says:

    There are people who need to push, and be pushed, because otherwise they won’t do it. You are not one of those people. You know, if need be, you will push to the limit. So don’t do it. lol

    I have some supplementary assignments for you, if you’re game. First, explore the articles at nerd fitness. They are quite inspirational at the appropriate level (not pushing too hard, being smart and avoiding injury, and what to do if you are injured so you are still progressing). Second, add some simple yoga to your practice on the off days. It will increase your strength, balance, and flexibility. It’s also quite helpful for meditation. I gave you the link on fb, but the videos I recommend for their large number of adjustments are from my teacher.
    We can talk about it when you are ready to try since I’m also really new to it. I’m having really fast benefits though in all areas. And, it’s free!

    I’ll send you a link on fb with the nerdfitness programs which I bought last year.

    • element02 says:

      Yes, I have been looking through the Yoga videos. Did one of the beginner ones today. I’m really going to have to work on balance and I will have to start using a towel or something when I work out because I dont have a mat and the hardwood floor was not really working all that great lol.

      I will read through all of that stuff tomorrow since tomorrow will be another down day until Taz shows up on Monday 🙂

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