The misconceptions of Dark versus Light

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Ranting/Venting, Uncategorized

In every story there is a Hero and there is a Villain, and this is portrayed as a battle between the Light and the Dark. In the Star Wars Universe, you have the Jedi which symbolize religious morality, a code of honor, and righteousness in their goal to create Peace within the Galaxy; and then you have the Sith, the Dark Side of The Force—ruthless, murderous, greedy, powerful, ambitious, sneaky, and all things that one would frown upon as vile traits…typical in a Villain set about the rule the world and beyond.

…but, this is NOT a story, this is NOT a movie, and the Light versus Dark concept is a lot different when it comes to true reality, ESPECIALLY when Religion is involved.

Recently I was asked to make a list of things that the Light Side (Jedi-Realism) does not provide for me based on my current understanding of things…this is a lot harder than what one would think because it’s not really something I know how to put into words. So, throughout this essay, I hope to make my point…but for now, lets go back to the discussion of Religion.

From my days of being a Wiccan, I have taken with me the belief that Religion is like a diamond. In this diamond there are thousands upon thousands of different facets, and each facet is a different divination of belief that makes a singular whole, a singular source—so all of these beliefs come together to reveal then the Ultimate Truth, The Force, and/or The Divine.

So…as something that is a singular part of a whole, no religion to me is good or bad (in this case light or dark) and while parts of a religion may be questionable, shady, and downright wrong, there is still knowledge to be gained from these different beliefs—still good things we can pull from these different set of codes and rules to become enlightened and/or endarkened.

Religion to me is something that should be flexible…non-judgmental // offering up knowledge meant to expand the mind and encourage it to go looking for other truths, not entangling it in a web so that it is just stuck in a set of rules and other bindings.
I believe that Religions should make their opposing forces known, not hated, not shamed, not looked down upon or warned against // just offer a completion of resources to those who would wonder about the ‘other ways’ of their faith, and offer these things without the use of misconceptions and bias.

While this is what I believe should be happening, alas, I find that many (if not all religions) come up short in this area.

So lets skip back now to my ways as a Shadow Jedi and being the “monkey in the middle”…

I chose the Neutral Path because I personally believe that neither the Light nor the Dark is where my personal truth is. I take with me the things I see and feel to be right in the Dark Side, and then I take with me those traits and things I believe to be right in the Light Side, and with those resources I create a world, a system, a set of rules, I create a Path in which feels comfortable for me to walk.

The reason being is because of this:
In theology I learned of the 3 different planes of existence. There is the mortal plane (lower plane) where the humans dwell and worship their Gods and send prayers, then there is that top plane where the Gods dwell, and in these separate worlds there is a middle plane in which connects the lower and the upper planes, the prayers bring Gods to man and bring man closer to God // this where true enlightenment and spirituality is said to happen—this is the plane where faith is supposed to make sense and assure mankind of its creators and beyond (this is also where miracles happen and etc).

Other than those 3 planes of existence, we also see three different phases of being. We have that lower area being our mortality and limitation, we then have our top layer being  total spiritual absorption or what I consider to be “blind faith”, and then we have that middle state of being which is that heightened sense—the place where we have that higher sense of spirituality, but we are still grounded and connected to our reality. It keeps us aware, it keeps us alert and intact with our human side and instincts, it allows us to still reason beyond faith and to look for other truths where necessary, and it keeps us in this state in which we ever seek knowledge to feed our hunger for it…this is what I consider to be the purest state, the best state, and the true state of enlightenment and mastery of Force-using and Communication.

Another fun set of 3 in which I compare myself is thus:

The Jedi = The Optomist
The glass is half full and there is more there than what you might be giving credit for. Have faith and be thankful because this is more than enough to quench your thirst.

The Sith = The Pessimist
The glass is half empty and use your last drops sparingly. It is a long ways yet out of this battle, out of this desert, and you will want to savor every last drop because once it is gone, it is gone forever and your throat will get mighty dry after this conflict.

Shadow Aspect = The realist
The glass is neither half empty nor half full, it just is. If you drink it, go get more if you find that you are still thirsty, problem solved.


What it all starts to boils down to is this…there is a huge misconception when it comes to the Dark Side // It is NOT evil! Sith Academy was a poor example of true Sithism is and what true Siths believe. They were stuck in a system of Greed and empowerment via verbal abuse…they held no real ideology, they just wanted money and control over a bunch of compliant twats to do their stupid bidding as if their ‘online missions’ really affected anything and helped them towards a new Empire.

True Sithism is not very different from Jedi-Realism…it is about gaining knowledge, it is about meditating and becoming closer to The Force, communicating with The Force, and bettering yourself via The Force.
the only things separating the Dark from the Light are some beliefs which make it just like the pessimist and optimist. Sith are more grounded…they are down to Earth and focused on the happenings of the world at war. They see the conflicts everywhere and want to be powerful enough to withstand these conflicts as they come in waves. They want to gain power to rise above the conflicts and protect what is rightfully theirs and take what cannot be defended by others to strengthen that too.
I do not believe in all that is considered Sithism. I could care less about conquering the world or building a huge Empire to make ourselves stand out as a true power like Imperius does…I do not want a target painted on my forehead. Not thanks.
But then again, there are the things that DO speak to me when it comes to Sithism…such as “Peace is a lie”.

Peace is a lie…I consider it a false hope and a fleeting dream. I consider it impossible same as perfection is not obtainable by any means // even if the world were at peace, there would be one person that was not happy with things, that would rise to create conflict. Whether an army of one or one thousand+ conflict means that peace has been broken; peace cannot be eternal, the term for peace is usually embedded with a wish for an eternal node of it, and when conflict breaks that time of peace, peace is not eternal, there will always be conflict and thus there can be no eternal peace, and so peace in itself is a lie.
There will always be wars, always be bloodshed, always be murders and rapes…that is the world, that is what we fight against every day. That will be our eternity on this planet. Because, in order for there to be peace there must be agreement…agreement on ALL things. Religions must accept other religions…countries must love other countries. But how can we even begin this process when the Light scoffs at the Dark, and the Dark wants to eradicate that of the Light for mocking it and spewing fantasy?

Also…Jedi as those carried by the phase of what I call “blind faith” seem flighty. They feel as though any sense of being grounded is just limitation, shackles on the heels of man keeping us from spreading our wings and flying. But I don’t see it as flying.
Sith are shackled (in my mind), and the Jedi are tied to ever-floating balloons. One is pissed and moaning about all the dark things in this life, and the other is floating away whistling unawares of where the hell they are going and/or how they are going to get down. But the Shadow Aspect places me on an airship—it gives ME the controls and allows me to fly when I want to, and still come down to kiss the earth when I miss standing on my own two feet.

It’s not that Jedi-Realism lacks anything…it is merely following its structure and working with the needs of certain people who want that sort of truth.
Same as Sithism…it lacks nothing, it is just following its structure and so-on. But my needs are specific to me, my truths are different than the truths of others…what I want to accomplish is a mixture of spirituality and control/power. Just because I have not a unified idea or belief with one side or the other does not make me wrong, misguided, or stuck…nor limited. It makes me enlightened in my won way, for my own needs, for my own purpose and path. It means that I have found something to suit MY mind, suit my heart, suit my soul…the Light side suits Jax’s needs and brings her closer to The Force, and Sithism suits Venger’s needs and he believes that Sithism has bettered him and bring hims closer to The Force.
I look at both sides and take with it the things I feel that I need and that suits my needs and makes me feel closer to The Force.

…it’s like in my SWtoR (Star Wars the Old Republic) game. I made a Jedi character and a Sith character…both sides of me (as they were being pulled). As a Sith, I made too many Light decisions and was often attacked, spat on, and mocked. As a Jedi, I made too many dark decisions based on my wants, based on revenge and power, and again, I was councilled, warned, and ultimately I could see the Jedi Leaders being cautious of me. In the end, both characters were deleted and I created something new…a bounty hunter, a hunter of truth, and that was my representation of what I was slowly becoming // a seeker of truth, a well of knowledge, the weight that makes the scales even, the sunset, the dawn, neither light nor dark…I was Shadow Jedi or (as some call it) Light Sith // I was neutral, and I am happy this way.

I’m not saying that things could not change in the future and I could side one way or the other…because I do not know. Either way…Light Side lacks nothing more than the acknowledgement of Sith without the misconception of evil, limitation, and bias…they lack nothing but the resources to what Sithism could offer versus what Jedi-Realism offers, and it lacks the point that Sithism is not a joke, it is out there, and that there is nothing wrong with exploring other options in order to find your unique truth.
You could at least start with that.

–_–Maybe more to come later–_–


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