Religious Talk // Respect

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Ranting/Venting

…so I like the idea of Religious Discussion, I like that freedom of being able to discuss my beliefs with a passion and tell others about what I believe in order to give them a better understanding of what I do, and how life looks through my eyes. BUT, at the same time, I do not go around shouting praises to The Force. I do not wave my arms in public and declare myself as a Force User, as a Jedi or otherwise.

I guess that is the difference between World-Religions and then that of the alternative kind.

Even as a Wiccan and such, most experienced people of the Craft will not go around boasting about magick or that they are a Witch (granted most do not need to because you can generally pick a Pagan out of the crowd, but still), they will not perform a ritual on the train or at the bus stop. They do not question others about their faith and then compare it to that of Neo-Paganism. *sigh*

Basically, Taz and I were at the train stop in Augsburg-Oberhausen. I had gone to the City with Taz and was walking around with her for a few hours while we waited for her train that would take her back to base. We had gone out to eat, we had talked about some serious issues in our lives, and now we were finally at the train stop cuddling for the last half-hour or so before we would have to part ways.
So, a man walks up on the platform and asks me in German if this was the platform for the Ulm-bound-train. I answered that it was. He then asked what time the train was leaving, and I answered that it was 20:29 // but when he started talking about some other things, I kindly told him that I only spoke a little German and was a native English Speaker.
Long-story-short, this man expressed how he had just come from a worship in the city. He exclaimed how he was so happy because they got to sing, play guitar and tom-tom-drums all in the name of Jesus Christ. I rolled my eyes because I knew where this was going.

Sure enough, the man then started asking both Taz and I questions: “Where are you from? Where do you work? How long are you here?” and then he told his personal story about life and all the while was telling us how he thanked God for every living moment he had. But, then he went further. Next, he explained the story of Jesus Christ—the Son of God, the man who overcame Death, the Prince of Heaven, blah, blah, blah.

Now it had gone past something of a conversation to a whole preaching about Jesus and about God’s love, and how we should thank God for every moment, and how we are all equal as we are all God’s children…and the BEST part was, when this man was done talking, he shook our hands, and LEFT the Train Station. He was not even waiting on the damn train! Ungh…

I was so frustrated…because here I was having my last moments with Taz for a whole week, and here this man was wasting my time with something I already knew, did not care about, and really did not want to hear. I am the type of person that believes that a person curious about a faith and/or curious for a path and type of guidance in life will go looking for it him/herself. I am the type of person that finds it rude, annoying, and rather unnecessary to pull people into these preachings and into these spiels…and I guess the thing that made me the most agitated was because I did not have the ability to tell the man that I was not interested in hearing his story and that he needed to go away so that I could kiss and cuddle Taz some more -_-

Poor Taz had the same problem…she never likes coming off as rude to people either, and she was just as annoyed but could not tell the man to leave either. Even as a former Baptist (which I let the man know), he STILL refused to leave and shut up. Even when Taz piped up as being Catholic, he STILL kept going and STILL refused to leave. Ungh…

Religion is something that should not be flung around so loosely. It is something that should be respected and not shoved down people’s throats. I was fine with him telling me about his great time at Worship, but what I did not like was him wasting the next 15 minutes of my life blathering on about Jesus Christ.

If I were interested in church, in God, and in Jesus Christ…I would have stayed a Baptist. Were I interested in finding myself via the Christian Path once again, then I would find a Church and find the resources myself. I would ask people, call people, and do things on my own in order to accomplish this goal. Who gets off by going to a Train Station and then preaching to random people that just want to from point A to point B.

Granted, I can understand that this man feels it is his mission to spread the word and love of his Savior…fine…
But, I feel that he could find a better and more effective way of getting this word out instead of boring people and wasting their time, energy, and otherwise. What is that one quote? Religion is like a penis? It’s fine to have but it’s not okay to whip it out in public and put it in people’s faces?

…and then just the week before I was handed pamphlets for the Koran in German because people were walking around screaming verses from it in the middle of Augsburg. I just do not understand it. This world is not Godless, this world is not doomed, let people find their own paths their own ways and keep your faith to yourself unless someone seriously asks you for an important purpose like voting and/or a survey or some shit.

I think I had a more intellectual rant on this…one with proper grammar and more fancy words but alas, fatigue is getting the better of me. Still, I think that you are understanding of my point in this. It’s pretty obvious what I mean.

Religion as a discussion is something that interests me…studying religion interests me, and debating religion and/or hearing about it also interests me WHEN it is something I have consented to doing, something I have joined into of my own accord and not otherwise.
At least ask my permission before you go spouting off to your faith -_-
…that would be nice…if for once, someone could do that. At least with a Jehova’s Witness and other traveling Churches if you say ‘no’ they will just go away. *sigh*

Would have been happier having my sweet lady-lip time…*grumble*


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