Stressors and Studies

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Ranting/Venting, SITH-Related

…Darth Ravenus used to tell me all the time that my ramblings on mistakes that I had made were interesting, but pointless. While one of his most dedicated members and soldiers within the Sith Academy Army, he still considered me weak and not one of true power (or what he considered to be such). While I used my mistakes to show that I was human and even as a Lord would fall to things such as rage (stress) and etc—he considered my misfortune a dark sign that the Gods were laughing at me (something he would tell me often). While I now know him to be more loud-mouthed than anything, and consider him ignorant in many areas of The Force, true power, and even in Sithism; there are still days where I wonder if he is right.

Anyways…past the stressors of my upcoming eviction, money issues, and etc. I have gone back to studying the past. Nothing as far back as ancient civilizations, but actually, things that took place just a couple of years ago back in 2011. I have revisited the blog of “Sean the Mystic” // most know him nowadays as Darth Imperius. I have copied his blog and am currently looking through his words for some sort of hint…some sort of insight as to what led him astray from his original vision for a new Galactic Empire.

I do not know why, but things such as this interest me. Ever since I wrote the blog on “Mirror Images” I have been wanting to revisit his old page, see the birth of Sith Academy, learn more about the Mystic that died to give birth to the corrupt soul we know today. I don’t know…I am convince that at one point, Sean was truly enlightened and really had a vision. But, I feel as if weakness stole away his light, stole away his dream, stole away his determination to create a new path.

I wish I could explain it better but…I remember Imperius as someone of a Leader and a prophet. He knew things that wowed the people around him, he could call to him many a man with his great speeches. He could have said the sky was purple and people would have believed him even if to their eyes it was blue…all because he was so convincing, a wizard with words, he was empowered and enlightened with the voice of Darth Omega and those who truly believed him almost worshiped him.

But now that he has become someone that I consider “fallen” I do not worship nor respect him any longer as enlightened or empowered. All the knowledge he gained and tried to give to those others who were willing to follow him, he has betrayed them by going backwards on the path and sinking to a level from which there can be no return. Now instead of working under him as a Lord, I study him as an aspiring Shadow Aspect, a Padawan, and a Dark Lady.

I am still not sure what I have to learn from his writings if anything at all. But…if I find anything, it will be reported here for sure. I’m hoping this week will prove to be good for me in getting back on track and developing my unique path. Hopefully there will be more news to report as the days go on.

Wish me luck…I suppose.

  1. Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I have very little respect for the man personally, but I do respect his drive, and his relative success (even if, as you say, he lost himself somewhere along the lines). But in terms of looking at past writings… I get the allure, and believe it has plenty of merit. Even if there’s not much to the material you look at, I’ve always said it’s less about what’s being said, and more about what an individual can take away from it.

    • element02 says:

      I have very little respect for the man he became but more respect for the man he used to be before SA because of his passion and because he truly believed in teaching people rather than creating some easy way to make some money and belittle others.

      But thank you for the thoughts on luck…I will be needing them for sure. I think it holds true when they say, “less is sometimes more”. While his older writings on Sithism were few and held little content, it was how ‘convinced’ he was that he was going to make something great and it is his determination and dedication to this new cause which gives the passages their filling and it draws people in. I will say that I find Sean quite intelligible even if he became misguided…but that is because I can look past the thing he has become now and really appreciate the past ๐Ÿ™‚

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