Sometimes the Path becomes rocky or FADES.

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Ranting/Venting, SITH-Related

This was a post that I made at TOTSO as to address the newer Sith coming in to learn and train.As we still do not have a solid training program up just yet (there is still we have yet to develop and discuss) I have been trying to take in outside resources to help others via my new Holocron (which focuses on The Force…not light nor dark solely…just in general). As I had not posted in some time and real-life issues tend to get in the way of what I would LIKE to do (which complete some more courses, exercises, and etc). I posted this instead.

I have noticed through my search to find my own path—I have noticed and seen the struggles of others; where they seem to fall short, where they seem to give up, where they seem to put on the mask of a Sith and hide away behind a computer screen, immersed in an imaginary world of power rather than go out and achieve it the way we have laid it out for them

I too have faced struggles when it comes to The Force. Even as a neutral aspect (something I consider easier than following true Sithism or true Jedi-Realism) I still find that my path can still become rocky, and sometimes, it can even fade. There are days where I am still fully dedicated to the causes I have strived to improve and keep going, days where I am faithful to my life choices in following the grey area of things and in letting religion back into my life…but there are times where other things come up, I run astray of what I think I should be doing, I feel lost, I feel like a lack direction.


It does go to show you that even those with higher titles…of Knights, of Masters, of Lords…even the people considered the most powerful need a nudge sometimes. Realistically, I feel that even the expert still makes mistakes, still has doubts, and still ponders on the things he/she is doing or might do in the future. Even the expert might second-guess a decision, admit that what they did was wrong, have to go back and make changes, reassert themselves, reassure themselves.

I am not on this site to boast and flaunt my power…I am not on this site to claim myself as something all-powerful. I am not here to say that I am Sith whereas others are not because they have not earned such a title. I am here to offer guidance to those who think they need it. I am here as a voice of experience, as a person of honesty and the blunt-truth. I am here as a mentor but as someone who is still learning as well. As a mentor I too am still a student, and learn from others as they learn from me and vice-versa. This is how I believe things should work. This is how I see things as being right.

But, the point of this entry is to reach out to those who abandon these Temples of Wisdom, these Academies of the alternative…sometimes the Path you take may not make sense for awhile. Sometimes more work does not always bring with it more understanding. I believe that all things bring with it a consequence both good and bad, and also believe that, in life, you will have to do things that you find boring, that you find silly, or that you find to be worthless. This path and other force-related paths are not easy…they require time, dedication, they require a huge amount of emotional and mental willingness to succeed and push forward. These paths test you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically…these paths ask more out of you as a person than almost any other religion in the world.

These paths and religions of the alternative kind want to bring you true and enlightenment and/or endarkenment. They strive to change the way you see things, how you sense things in general, and sometimes, they strive to change even how you think. The abilities promised in these paths ARE true and CAN be obtained…but they must also be EARNED. Nothing is to be gained by putting on a mask and pretending to be something you are not…understanding is not based in lies and laziness. Power is not obtained without movement, succession, procession—-so never take the lessons learned here lightly and merely ‘pretend’ that you are doing as told. By lying and cheating you are taking 5 steps back for every one foot put forward, you are moving away from enlightenment into ignorance.

Even when you find that the path has gone cold for awhile…know that this too is just another test. If the path is too rocky then pave it with the resources you have picked up here and on the outside…smooth it out, and press forward. When the path has faded and now you cannot take a direct route to your goal, then take the other way around…it might take a little longer, but at least you get to where you need to be. While I cannot say I give the best advice, this is something I believe I have learned and this advice gets me through my best and worst times in following the path.

So again…I leave you with my mere thoughts and my beliefs. How you take them in and use them is all up to you…but I hope it can get you through any situation where applicable, and may the Dark Side of The Force be with you…always.

—Dark Lady LaRkEn


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