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Posted: June 8, 2013 in Ranting/Venting, SITH-Related

On the blog it reads: “Sith Master Sean in his galactic meditation chamber”

Darth Imperius …considered to be CVO of Sith Academy.

Take a moment to visit this site (for those who know of Sithism and know what it means to be Sith): http://templeofthesith.blogspot.de/

This…this is the blog of Darth Imperius, or, as he was known way back then: Sith Master Sean. It was funny to run across this when I was searching for some other things as I never knew he had a blog leading up to the creation of Sith Academy.

While I would say look and laugh at the crappy quality videos and his ever-fake impersonation of a darker being when trying to speak; while I would say mock him because of this act that he is putting on…no…I do not say mock him, nor point your finger and laugh. I honestly can say that one should respect him.

Not Imperius…not the greedy, mindless person he has become…but respect Sith Master Sean. Respect him because he is putting his beliefs down…he has had a vision of greatness leading him towards Endarkenment. He truly believes he is the Chosen one to create a real and true Sith Empire on this planet, to conquer, and to rule. He truly believes that he is in-tune with the Dark Side of The Force, and respect him because he believes in his mission, he truly has passion, and therefore, at one point, he truly had power.

I remember when the words of Imperius used to sway me, used to convince me of some greater purpose within the Sith stronghold. For awhile, he was so convincing that he had me questioning why I still continued to study the Jedi-way..he is a Wizard with words, but it was not only that which moved me, but it was his Spirit. While he was forceful and oftentimes degrading to some…Imperius came off as more enlightened than Ravenus, he came off as more understanding, and for those who explained their reasonings behind things, he was willing to listen to other people’s ideologies and give them the benefit of the doubt.

But that was when I first joined Sith Academy…and it was not the Zoo it has become as of today. I cannot get into Sith Academy, in fact, I have not even bothered to try. With their new rules about Skyping and proving one’s identity, there is no way I could pull the same trick twice. But, that does not stop me from wondering what goes on, on the other side.

But alas, I have gotten side-tracked. As I stated before…look upon this man that truly became a Monster. Once enlightened he feel to temptation, to greed, and eventually fell to weakness. Once enlightened his is now mentally blind to what Sithism truly means, what the original ideology was…while his vision may have been fake, he believed in it enough that others sought to help him complete his goal, and complete this mission.

I guess…to me…I almost feel something along the lines of sympathy for him. Because, he truly could have made something great and worth fighting for, if only he had not strayed from his true path.

…Death to the mindset known as Darth Imperius…
…and may the Dark Side of The Force forever shine on Sith Master Sean.

Sith Banner of Sean

Insignia of Sith Academy


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