Leaving Sith Academy

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Ranting/Venting, SITH-Related

[[This was an old post that was a Draft and never made into a final copy. I figured I would post it now as it is amusing to me. More posts coming soon]]


Yes, it’s true…I left Sith Academy a good while ago actually, maybe a week or two, almost three weeks ago? You know, I really wish I had the blog post saved that I left for them, I wish I could have saved it somewhere and left it here because I really told them what was on my mind.
I finally called them out on their childish games and pointed the finger to show that their words hold no substance and therefore hold no power. As I said in a previous blog, they have become nothing more than “barking pigs”. I’m sad I did not see it sooner and it took a $15 dollar monthly fee to hold my title as Sith Lord of covert operations, sith ideology, and religious studied.

Poo-poo on you Sith Academy (yes, they are so idiotic that I am using Madeline to put shameful words them).

There is nothing left in me that can really explain the distaste that I have for that wretched website and the direction it decided to take. Yes, I am all for studying the Dark Side, all for learning the ways of the Dark Side to suit my needs as a neutral aspect…but when you do not focus on knowledge, but rather focus on money to gain power, you are no longer following that spiritual path towards passion and power. You are no longer delving into The Force, you are just a lying, greedy, human. That is as simple as it can get.

Rather than teach those who want to learn the ways of Sithism, all the Sith Academy was doing anymore was pointing the finger in the Acolyte’s face, calling them a troll, a role-player, and then saying that their title and worthiness has to be bought. The groups that the Masters and Lords worked so hard to put together obviously meant nothing…and learning was not necessary in being a Sith at Sith Academy since all those resources were then thrown away without prior notice and without permission.

I know they are being much more strict now on who they let in…Skype calls are required among other things to prove ones identity. Probably because former Masters have come back to haunt the place and let people know that they are going down the wrong path and down the wrong road to learn the true ways of Sithism. Either way…I have gotten a couple of offers for other Sith Temples run by those who took their leave as well. While right now I am taking things slow and really trying to gather myself…maybe this will be something I might investigate in the future.

The only thing that saddens me at this point is that I worked so hard for my title as LORD> I had to do in-world missions, do my covert-work, really knuckle-down and work on my group. I even got people to come back to the site (a thought which sickens me now) as well as a few other things (taking on apprentices and etc) to get to that very point. I had even been pointed Charwoman of Recruitment until I decided to give them the cold shoulder…so I am sad because it all seems for naught. But, life moves on…we keep trying to do our best as we go along life’s winding road. Bah. Time to figure out where I am headed next.


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