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…it’s like when they say that the rules are always meant to be broken…do we take Oaths just to go against them in the end? Every FORCE-related site I have ever come across has asked for some sort of Oath that makes you submit to their cause, their specific way of life, their motto, or whatever that may be.

At the Sith Academy, you were made to take an Oath and then say the Mantra. When becoming a Master, there was a new Oath with the old Mantra, and when swearing in as a Lord, there was a brand-new Oath, and then the same old Mantra. Again, if you took an a new Apprentice, it was the same deal. Same with Temple-of-the-Sith-Order (TOTSO). There is an Oath, there will be a Mantra; and while the Oath is not as restricting as others I have seen and/or have taken, these things just seem to put me at an unease.

                Even today I was signing into Temple-of-the-Jedi-Order (TOTJO) I decided that I wanted to have full-teachings and full-access to their resources, so, I decided to fill out the Jedi-Application Form and guess what? There was an Oath involved. Granted, in my application, I told them where I currently was on my path right now. I told them that I was a neutral aspect of The Force that had experience in Sithism and considered myself a Shadow-Jedi. I also told them that while all the above was true, I also mentioned in my application that I was of a chaotic-good nature and would oftentimes make decisions based off of what I thought was best in a situation.

                Sure…they may not always agree morally with the decisions I have made, but the Oath merely stated that I live the life worthy of a Jedi and make good decisions, and, by making the decisions that I think is right and justified, then I think that falls into those same lines of the Oath. But, I said that if it was necessary that I could take a revised Oath or something along those lines and/or that nature.

I just really want to get back on my Path…I know that my new job has be busier than ever, and my relationship will always come before religious progress and growth, but even still, I need a motivation, I want to be ambitious about this like I was so long ago (it was only a year, but it still feels like forever). I am thinking about going back to my old routine where I just do small exercises each day, and then end the day with a shower and a 30-minute meditation. If I can just gear myself up for the small things like this, then I believe that I can get back on track for obtaining Jedi-Knighthood and also progressing elsewhere as well.

Still…the thing about the Oaths just bothered me and really got me to thinking about how many times I have had to break an Oath because something came up, life happened, and I had to step over those lines that were spoken aloud so that I could get things done and take care of myself. Some Oaths I do not care about breaking…others cost me dearly. Still, this is something we should all think about when making that sort of verbal and/or written commitment. What are you really saying, signing, or typing? What do you really promise to abide by and what exceptions are there to whatever rule?

What are Oaths truly necessary? I was planning on writing more…but I have been losing a lot of sleep lately and it is catching up with me. There should be more posts tomorrow as I start exercise 3 at TOTJO and plan to do an assignment with TOTSO and IJRS as well.

Until next time…Chao~!!


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