A walk around the Block

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Diet & Exercise, Uncategorized

This was originally posted as my blog today on TOTSO (Temple of the Sith Order)—


Never expect these blog entries to be profound. I am not trying so hard as to come off as the ultimate intellectual as I was when I was at Sith Academy. Because I have embraced my neutral tendencies (think of me as a Chaotic Good of sorts) I will mostly be speaking my mind, and whatever random thoughts those may be, well, you will just have to deal with it.

But today I decided to take a walk around the area…go down a bike trail, really clear my mind and take in a bit of fresh air for a change. That’s when I really started to reflect on some things that have come to my attention. As I was walking around, I was at a sense of ease, I felt comfortable with my surroundings even though I had never been down this path before. But, as I crossed the countryside and saw the tractors plowing the earth, I really started to think that it was really weird that all of this reminded me of home. If I had somehow gotten lost and ended up in Germany (even though this is impossible since there is a gigantic ocean separating this place from the United States), then I might still think that I was in some newly discovered city and not too far from home. This place (at first glance) does not really seem like anything spectacular or special…it does not seem foreign or even unique when you look at it from the landscape-country perspective. Just walking through and seeing the fields, this place is as normal and similar as any other place I have ever been.
The reason this really got me to thinking was because, when one travels to another country, what is it that they are expecting? Well, they are expecting something different of course! They are expected to be swept up into this exotic adventure of things that are different and new, that really blow their minds. But here I was, walking over a bridge, looking across an overpass and I might as well have been in Indianapolis again. Now…by now some of you will be grumbling because this seems to have nothing to do with The Force or anything we teach here. But as someone who is neutral aspect I say that you are wrong!

The Force is everything and nothing at the same time. It is what holds us to this earth but it is also what allows us to transcend what see as reality and really extend our senses to a higher self of being. So, the fact that one can look at this earth, this landscape and have this thought of the world being flat without boarders and obstacles, and still see such a place as similar and homey when it is indeed foreign and unfamiliar…I guess to me, it was juts a moment of truth that no matter where I stand, I am connected to all things, and nothing deters me or sets off the alarms of being different or foreign because through The Force, everything, to me, is balanced and the same. Note that I might not be making sense to anyone other than myself…but I only wish that, in that moment you could have felt what I was feeling, and then you would know how profound all of this is.


Lastly…as of late I have been able to see things that I have never been able to see before. I noticed that because my work place is so noisy and crowded that, when I finally get off of the clock I race to the train station and do my best to block out all the people around me. I do not see them, I do not hear them, I block out their very existence so that my mind can have some quiet and be at ease. Well, it was in this state of blocking everyone out that I had focused my attention on a sapling growing by the railroad tracks. I concentrated on it, really taking in its details. I’m not sure why it was so interesting to me…but what happened next came as a shock, and I’m still not sure what I really saw.

It was like a smokey-white ball of energy had centered in the trunk of the sappling, and there was also a thin barrier (it looked like clear string when it glints in sunlight) that encased the entirety of this baby tree.  The whole thing seemed to blur like when a highway gets too hot in the summer, only, rather than being all wavy like heat would have been, these lines where diagonal, jagged, and pulsated off of the sappling as if it was either sending off signals or sending out energy. Thinking this was odd and that my eyes had merely become unfocused, I blinked…but then I would just see it again. There were more plants in the area so I tried it on them, and I saw the saw the same things.

But…as the train came rolling up, then I lost the ability to block things out. Suddenly I could hear people chattering, phones ringing, there was too much sensory input and the images I were just seeing faded and I grunted in dismay before getting on the train. I am still lost as to what I saw and what it means. And even as someone that does not sit there and practice clearing the mind or even getting in touch with the energies of other things, I am wondering if I opened up some new ability for myself…something I was missing before?

I would really like someone’s input on this.


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