LaRkEn’s Holocron Part 2

Posted: March 17, 2013 in SITH-Related

[[Here we will finish up what has been written in my Sith Academy Holocron. For awhile I debated putting other things on here like my Blogs and the Holocrons of those who are currently learning under me, but alas…I think that it would be better just to finish up these Holocrons and perhaps copy down some blog-posts that I think were significant in some way or another.]]

[[There will be a former Disclaimer however about my being a Shadow Jedi. I fell that even though I have said many times that I do not agree with the majority of the things found at Sith Academy that, because of my participation there that I am branded as being part of the Sith-Zoo (as TOTJO referenced it). Still, until that time comes where I want to put in the effort to write such a formal Disclaimer, this will have to do.]]


I am a Shadow Jedi…I am neither bound by the Light or the Dark. I create truth from opposing parties to create a balance within myself. Think of it as a Chaotic Good-type person in Dungeons & Dragons. That’s what I am in true nature…
This is the path I have come to accept for myself, and, as I am not harming others in doing so, I believe that it is fair to say that I cannot be judged as something of a bad person or weak person for this.


  • Jan 28 Revisiting the old Teachings:
    I have gone back through some of the old teachings to see how my answers have changed and vary since being a practicing Sith for some time.
    Today I decided to start going back through the basics of the “Aspirant Initiation”.
    While it may seem somewhat silly to others, I believe that taking a moment to reaffirm your dedication to the cause and to the Sith only empowers the soul more.
    Because the first steps were about making threads and completing profile, I decided that I would go ahead and start with step four.“Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and hands clasped. Breath slowly and steadily, and begin to explore your own mind, your own thoughts. Think of the ways of the Sith – our Code, how we are ruled by our passion and are forged by fire. Think of your own desires in relation to this – how does being a Sith further what you seek? Be specific. Record your conclusions in your holocron.”

    …in my mind…I see fire. I see fire and darkness with the Sith marching through the streets of unknown territory, battered, battle-torn, bloody, but still standing strong, and with smiles upon their faces. It is their victory day.
    I believe thoroughly in the Sith Code…and when I say that, I mean not only of the passion within us, but in the fact that “peace is a lie”.
    Where there is light, there will always be darkness. Even in times where all seems peaceful, there is bound to be a war. War is inevitable—and in saying that, IF we are always to be at war, why not be strong enough to last through it?

    My desire is to be strong…it is something that I never felt when I was a child. I felt helpless and weak at the situations that were put before me. Many times I was made to fear for my life and accept that maybe death would befall me before I ever saw my teenage years, let alone adulthood.
    So, while I may have gained my own sense of power over the years (training with friends, martial arts, different experiments with other religions to find my path, police training, Airsoft and etc.), ultimately, the Sith offers me what I have craved all my life…that is strength through passion, that is power beyond all belief, the ability to be strong and stand against my enemies, and in becoming knowledgeable in many different areas…to become an unstoppable force against all who would oppose me, try to bring me harm, or bring harm to other who are close to me // my loved ones.

    I always thought that I was meant to be a protector…and while the side of the light gave me that opportunity (and still does to this day), through the Sith, I can still protect. I can protect what is mine by force…I can protect my home, my world, through warring, through fighting, through bloodshed, through whatever it takes. The Jedi and Sith together will give me the tools to Victory…and the Force shall set me free.

  • [[In Step-6 of the new Aspirant Training, we were asked to read a passage known as the “Exceptional Sith Persona”. It was an interesting read, and I will post it here before posting my response.]]

    The Exceptional Sith Persona~By: UKNOWN

    Training for the inevitable conflict
     As Sith we face our enemies without fear. We face them as the victors who have already defeated them. We face them by calling up the passion that burns within us and unleash it to leave only husks of what once tried to stand in our way.
    We are the exceptional, the elite and the intellectually superior. We are Sith!
    However, not all who claim themselves Sith are
     fitting of our name and this training guide has been created to change this troubling reality.
     First of all, Minions, you are maggots! You feed on the dung we the elite leave you and you beg for more and offer nothing in return. You seek to ‘know the darkside’, yet you have no understanding of what that actually means. You seek to be an apprentice to one of our Masters and yet you are maggots! What do you offer Sith Academy?
    Initiates below the first degree! You take our Imperial Oath and offer us nothing more! Do you uphold it? We wonder.
    The Sith Persona 

     The Sith must always carry himself so he is
     perceived formidable.
    To be formidable, the Sith must not only believe himself as superior to all around him; he must breath the very reality of it. He must live in its ambience, take in its intoxication and burn it into his flesh.

    The Sith must be perceived as right even when he is horribly wrong.
     There is a certain power in the act of making your enemies lose a debate even if they have in reality won. It is the power of planting seeds of doubt, confusion and fear. To plant these seeds, the expertly skilled Sith must know what will cause doubt, what
     will cause confusion and what will bring fear. He must understand
    every aspect of his enemy, not merely hurl personal attacks or political spin.
    The Sith must so expertly use manipulation to appear as a Jedi when he so requires it.
    The Sith must ever keep his enemies guessing, for he knows predictability leads to defeat.
    The Sith should never repress his hate.
     The Sith is comfortable with his hate; he embraces it and it strengthens his resolve to ever be victorious in all he does regardless of what field he is in. What the Sith does not do is blindly rage! He instead chooses his battles and his enemies so as not to waste his attention on what offers him no value.
    The Sith serves his own will before any other.
     The Sith does not bow down to anyone unless he has something to gain from doing so. He takes no gods unless they serve his desires and he proclaims loyalty to none but himself. This is his way!
    If he is to be loyal to a particular order, it is assured this order serves his desire to thrive. If he is to take an oath to the flag, he is certain to benefit from the act. If he is to destroy or build up a government, it is an act of his will and serves him to do so!
    The Sith is not a role player.
    The Sith is not a role player, he does not sit for hours at a time by the glow of his computer screen pretending to be something he is not. If anything, he is the role creator! He takes what he pleases from where he pleases and manifests it as reality; this is the power of his will and this is his magick.
    If the Sith so desires to carry the persona of Darth Bane, he will do so. If he wishes to carry the persona of The Joker from Batman he will also do so. Then again he may choose a persona that is external to fictional works like Hitler or he might build his own with all of the traits he desires.
    The Sith is not illiterate or lazy.
    The Sith is intelligent and dedicated to manifesting his deepest desires. He is dedicated to creating his own internal empire and with enough focus, training and arrogance he will manifest that empire externally. He truly will be the Sith Lord of this planet!
    The Sith should never carry himself in such a way as to appear foolish; he is better to silence himself quickly if this is the case. He should never try to spell a word he does not know how to spell and get it wrong; rather he should get a dictionaryand look it up so he does not seem the fool.
    The Sith does not resort to childish name
    -calling; he is professional in all he does.
    To resort to such infantile behavior is to destroy the Sith’s air of formidability.
    This is counterproductive obviously.
    The Sith is learned and not ignorant.
    The Sith is no stranger to writing, as he must constantly record his progress through initiation, trial and conquest. This being said, Sith must be able to communicate through written and spoken language.
    The Sith is also no stranger to reading, as his knowledge
     is broadened only by his desire to apply himself in literature and his willingness to listen to the dark side of the Force.
    The Sith is patient when the need exists.
    Though the Sith meditates inwards rather than outwards as Jedi, he is none the less patient when it serves him. He is ever listening to his internal voice, ever observing the subtle influences of the dark side and ever aware of the placement of the light side in his life; which should ideally be none.
    Facing the Jedi Order.
    Finally we come to the last point.
     Eventually, there will be a trial of will and this can be no better exemplified than the soon coming ‘end of the age of light’ or ‘conflict against the Jedi Order’.
    Is there a Jedi Order? Certainly there is and only for the simple fact there is a Sith Academy! The Jedi exist to feed Sith desire for conquest and the Sith exist to ever challenge the Jedi. This is the reality.
  • Re-reading the “Exceptional Sith Persona”
    (Re-visiting Training // Step-5):

    The “Exceptional Sith Persona” is a rather interesting read. I agree that it covers all the basics of what a Sith is on the outside as well as the ultimate goals of said-Sith and what a Sith should know, but….it only covers a portion of what a Sith is from the ‘inside’.
    While on the outside we are aggressive, boasting, intolerant, and many other things that show our power, our strength, and our will to be victorious…I feel that on the inside, the SITH are so much more.As any person is different from the other…the SITH are different as well. We all strive for different goals within the Academy, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. I guess this was briefly covered in the part about doing things only if they benefit you…and while I understood it, for some, I believe the passage could be elaborated a bit more.

    As it does talk about the final conflict with the JEDI, I would have liked it to also cover more on the Age of Endarknement which is so often referenced on here. I think more Acoloytes would get benefit from it, and also, if the passage were to explain more of what a ‘Jedi’ is.
    Because…while there is a religious organization of those who would consider themselves Jedi…here at the Academy, Jedi are often a reference to anyone that does not conform to Sith beliefs and standards…so I just believe there should have been a note there as well to better describing the difference.

    But alas, when it comes to the passage…I believe that I have nothing to worry about. While I have already proved myself a great deal to the Dark Council and our Order, I continue to try and find ways to improve myself and thus prove myself worthy every day.
    Constantly am I researching things that not only benefit myself…but they benefit the Academy and those that might one day learn under me.

    I have already shown that I aggressively act for the things that I want…I find any way to achieve my goals, even if that means disguising myself as a completely different person (*snicker*)…and for that, I believe I have the ability to amplify these behaviors and tactics and make myself that of an exceptional Sith Persona.

  • [[After this training, I moved onto another training group run by another Lord on the site: Lord Venger. He had studied in Religion and had gotten a degree in such many years passed. He was one of the stronger on the site and about as Sithy as Sith could get. But, he did it in a way that he was taken seriously and respected. He did not make the Academy look silly as others did, and I looked up for him because he held knowledge in him that I knew I could benefit from. Him and I even spoke on the phone and he seemed like a really, really nice guy. It just goes to show that not all people who take this Dark Path are evil or bad…
    In fact, I find that we all wander down this path at some point in our lives, and what we take from it defines us more and could actually make us into better people. I understand that not everyone would actually agree with this view. But alas, we all have or own opinions.]]
  • [[Venger’s group was called the “Death of Endarkenment” and focused on keeping people tied to their Sith-Persona. constantly reminding them of why they came to Sith Academy, and gave them exercises to better control their rage, hate, passion, and other such emotions so that they may turn it into power.]]—Feb 28Endarkenment of Death

    1. The Beginning:
    “Where are your Sith roots in your personal history? Why are you here at SA? What do you hope to gain from your training here? What are your visions for the future as a Sith? How do you envisage to live as a Sith in our modern day society?”

    — I always believed that my Sith roots began early in my childhood. After the divorce of my parents, I sort of ‘awakened’ into this nightmare of what the world was really about. People were violent, scary, and they were ungrateful for the things that they had. Humans were wasteful and disgusting beings…and all of these things that I started to notice went against what the Methodist Church had taught me in Preschool. To me, if God brought peace and love, then why was my Father always so angry? Why did he kick me, hit me, and call me bad words?

    If this world was full of Peace and love then why was someone murdered right by our house? Why did my favorite neighbor hang his body for his wife to find that next morning? Why was Churches set to burn with satanic symbols placed all around the grounds and dead animals meant to be sacrificed? That’s when I knew…Peace was a lie. There would always be discontempt in the world, and even if for a brief while all was quiet in the world and all was happy, sooner or later someone would not be happy with this ‘harmony’ and find some way to destroy it. People are greedy…they would not want enough just to survive, they would want more! They would rather have more to themselves even if it means another person is left to starve and struggle. That’s just how it works…that’s how it has always worked, and no amount of preaching will ever make it otherwise because God has not done anything about it.

    So this vision of darkness…this realistic view of anger and hatred has always been in my heart, and it only grew as I did and the world opened up more of its dirty little secrets to me. Still, I refused to believe the world was all bad, so I decided to try and make a change and join light-side religions. I tried Baptism, Mormonism, Wicca, and even Jedi-Realism…but nothing fit fully my needs. All I heard was more false promises that no one could keep…more talk of Divine’s that sat idle while the world went to ruin before them. That’s when I had finally had enough of it all, and I found the Sith Academy. And at last, through my own mixture of the Jedi-teachings and what I learned here…I was able to create what I believed was my true path…my home and my calling // I am Shadow Jedi.

    What I hope to gain through this experience that I have been living is power…power to destroy all those who might try to take my possessions or hurt my loved ones, and lastly, to be able to hold my own in the case that this world goes to ruin and its every man/woman for themselves. I want power and I want knowledge. That is what drives me as a Sith.

    And as far as living like a Sith in Modern day society…that can all be seen in my blogs. I am not perfect. Meditations do not go as planned, rage gets the better of me and I screw up, then I am punished by the karmatic Force and suffer through it until I come out better and wiser than what I was before hand. I struggle through obstacles that other people could only think of going through, I adapt to all changes in life. I am a Lord here at SA and plan on passing down my knowledge to others that would follow me down this dark path, that is how I am Sith.

  • Feb 28Endarkenment of Death2. Darkness:
    What is Darkness? (Do not let the short question fool you. Please elabourate, no short answer. Consider this carefully)

    —Darkness is an essence, it is a place, it is a Force, it is nature, it is Power, it is Fear, it is the opposite of all that is light, and it is the place where the Sith gather and train. Darkness can also be a state of mind, a mental pit where one can either gather their wits to escape or lay to rot among terrors of memories that gather around them like vulture do prey. Darkness is a taboo subject, it is something that cannot be controlled, but rather we try to mimic it in order to harness it’s power. The Darkness is a place where very few enter willingly as it is a place that most do not every return from unscathed (if it all).

    It is shown in horror movies and games as something to drive the players insane, to heighten their senses and have their minds eat them alive with things that aren’t even there. The Darkness is to light as Yin is to Yang, and without Darkness, there would be no light from which escaped from it…without this ‘other half’ to the Force, we would be at stagnation. Need I elaborate more?

  • Feb 28Endarkenment of Death2.5 Reflection #1
    Why do I enjoy the intimate moment with myself? Why is there calmness? What prohibits calmness elsewhere? Does it require literal darkness to find this calm? Why does it have that effect? Who am I at other times? Who am I when I am not being yourself? Why? Why must night be a part of that? Why can I only find that freedom in the night, when its dark? What do I actually mean by being myself? Does the darkness cause the frustration, anger and guilt or is that caused by the conflict between who I am and who I pretend to be coming into conflict? Is there no escape? Why do I want to escape them? This does imply imprisonment. How am I imprisoned by my inner self?

    —My Sith is but a part of my inner self…and unfortunately, my outer-self has a lot of catching up to do with this inner being that I so often keep to myself. In the Darkness…I find a calm by being alone, left to my own devices, my own thoughts, my own time to do whatever I feel needs to be done. To really reflect on my power…this is done in the darkness where I have privacy, where I do not feel eyes upon me, eyes rolling at me thinking I am just another role-player that needs to get a grip on reality.
    the distress I feel is conflict over not being able to be fully myself without consequence…consequences are something that I tend to want to avoid. Though consequences have never left me anymore damaged than a fist to the face, still, I try to sneak around them and hide myself away until the night comes…and I come alive.
    I worked a night shift because when the night comes I cannot close my eyes. I cannot sleep. My mind races with many things, thoughts of the day I had, the yearning to gain knowledge on various subjects that interest me. No, I do not find my like of the night to be unsettling, nor using the Darkness as a security blanket to be disturbing. I just await the day when all stand in awe of what has finally…wholly…come together as ‘Me’.

  • Feb 28Endarkenment of Death3. Reflection #2
    You have now recognized Darkness as it is for you. May be you have not realized it in all its aspects but you have been allowed a glimpse at a part of you which has been hidden all your life and you are still trying to keep hidden at all costs. Some time has passed since your last lesson, time which has been given to you to let the lessons you have learnt settle. How do you feel now? Is there any change to the person when you started as an apprentice? If so why and what, if not why and what? What do you think about the approach and effectiveness of these lessons? What else do you have to say? Please answer all of these questions at length, think about it!

    —I may not be an Apprentice of any kind, but I will continue to respond to these questions as they press me to learn and better myself. As I stated before…the Darkness does not hold fear for me nor does it cause my any distraught. I am not bothered by my lack of fondness for the light nor all of the light-side ideals…and as explained earlier, I was very young when I realized that Peace was a lie and that the world was full of Greedy people feeding off of the less fortunate. I know that having a harsh background has contributed to both my power and what remains of my insecurities. It is my own test of power to eliminate what is left of the ‘scared’ me.
    But these questions are good for those who have long-since left the Aspirant section of the site. It focuses less on physical aspects and really focuses on stimulating the brain, making it think and ponder over subjects that might have been pushed away over time. I have very much changed since my time being here at SA. Had I not changed from the small person that entered in a username I would not hold ‘Lordship’ here.

  • [[And that was where my Holocron ended. Most of my writing were kept in blogs and the Forums…significant passages and experiences will then be labelled here later. But yes…n a course of less than 6-months, I had gone from Minion to Acolyte, to a Master of Religious Studies and Covert Operations, to one of the few Lords of the Site. People looked up to me, learned under me…and while they thought that I was teaching them Sith-ideals…I was merely feeding them this Shadow-aspect…this balance of the two side of The Force made into one. Now the Academy will soon be shutting down. I will hold Lordship no longer. But, I suppose these are here to remember those days later on…when I continue to teach and preach of a realistic balance between the Jedi and the Sith.]]
  1. Venger says:

    Larken, here is Venger. Contact me under Surtr`Amun at Temple of the Sith Order.

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