Posted: January 28, 2013 in IJRS Courses

What is my purpose?

That is a question I find myself asking over and over again as the answer often eludes me. Even when it comes to the question of my Path, my purpose there also eludes me.

But, when I take the time to really sit down and think about it…while some of the things that I do, I do for others…my purposes in wanting to be Jedi and in studying the Jedi Path and way of live, my reasons are all rather selfish.

When I found the Jedi…the different Temples, the groups, and etc. I was merely looking into it as more of a social experiment. But, it was after I determined that I needed guidance in my life that it all became so much more.

I not only wanted to better myself for the sake of other people: (family, friends, and loved ones), but I also wanted control over myself…for my sake. I wanted to control my emotions, to control my thoughts, to just take control of every aspect of myself because I felt as though I was strewn all over the place at all times (and then lacked the necessary tools to bundle myself up again).

Also…I wanted a better life. Life without guidance left me without purpose…and without purpose I was hopeless and miserable.

So…why the answer eludes me is quite simple (though complicated). My purpose in becoming a Jedi was merely to find my purpose. Whether that be ultimate control over myself, whether that be to become a protector of others, whether these teachings lead me to something else more fulfilling…no one can know, not even me.

But ultimately…why I am here is because something tells me it is right. My purpose here would then be to become knowledgeable, because with knowledge I can make the choices that will place me down the right path for a better, healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.


That wasn’t so hard.


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