5,000 year old flying machine>?

Posted: December 10, 2012 in SITH-Related, Uncategorized


Check it out…I know it may be old news, but I just now found it and find it quite fascinating really. Could just be a hoax, but we never truly know when something is not fully explained. I guess this all happened in 2011 though…so I would think it would be more open on the news and what-not unless someone paid a lot of money to keep it all hush-hush.

I originally found this on a SITH forum though…they believe that this proof of the SITH Lords coming from the Galaxy Far, Far Away. They believe that December 21st will bring about the Era of Endarkenment when the Empire will rise from the belly of the Earth and they will have supreme power over everything. There is more to that prophecy as well, but lets focus on this ship found in Afghanistan, shall we?

  1. butchjax says:

    The sith are wrong. Like every other fear monger out there. The darkness is losing, and that’s what makes them so desperate right now. I see it all over the place. Those who choose darkness are fighting a losing battle. But that’s their decision to make. If they survive the process, we’ll still be here as beacons of light to show them the way out of darkness.

    As for the video, I can’t watch it now. It’s quite possibly true. It also may not be. Whether it is or isn’t, the aliens have been, are, and will be here. Soon it will be made publicly known. It’s going to be a very exciting time. one of great change for everyone.

    • element02 says:

      Yes, a lot of people are calling it the coming of the “Golden Age” and I too look forward to our visitors from the vast and mysterious universe…

      I know the SITH are wrong…they are just little boys having their fun. Either way, I believe the news was just an interesting find that I felt like sharing 🙂

      • butchjax says:

        Definitely interesting. You can always see if it feels light when you observe. Things that feel light are true, things that feel heavy are false. however, even within a single sentence it can feel light at first and then heavy. For instance, if someone is telling what they found, it can feel light, but then they add their interpretation and that part feels heavy. It isn’t that they are knowingly lying, but that it isn’t true to you. It’s a good barometer.

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