The Desire to be strong…

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Diet & Exercise, Ranting/Venting

I always have had the desire to do something big with my life. I have always had that desire to be strong. I think that is one reason I had always been obsessed with becoming something like a soldier or a police officer. They were like the modern-day superheroes of our time, and I longed for that power that they held…longed for the power to protect something greater than myself…like my loved ones, my hometown, and my country.

I went for a run today…it was raining hard and it was rather cold outside. I knew that it wasn’t the best idea…but something was drawing me to the outside world, calling me, telling me to challenge my personal limits.
Here I lay now wheezing, freezing, and ultimately unable to breathe ( and with a rather terrible ear-ache) but, I have no complaints.

I wore my ACU’s outside…I know I’m not a soldier nor anything close, but, wearing them outside and running always does something to me, it empowers me, it makes me feel free.
As I was running through the rain, I could feel my breath hot against my lips before I watched it become most and spiral in front of me. I smiled as I made it a lot farther than I used to when I would go running with Taz, and I smiled even more as cars would pass me, they would honk, they would slow down and salute.

People recognize those uniforms and know that they are free because the sacrifice of our soldiers…and the only thing putting a damper on this moment of personal triumph, beauty, and strength is that I was merely playing pretend…and that it is people like Taz, Jax, James, David, and Damon who are truly the honored ones here.

I salute you all…and as I stared down at the collecting rain amongst the rocks and clover, I thank you for this daily inspiration.

May the Force be with you.



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