P101 – L6

Posted: December 5, 2012 in IJRS Courses

Pros and Cons with the Basic Self

1. Write down the biggest thing you want to change about yourself.
—I want to make less excuses and be more truthful about things.
I want to stop using white-lies as a way to justify my actions and do things that produce positive consequences so that I do not have to fear the negative ones.

2. Make a list of the main things you will lose when you make this change.
—I will lose the ability to hide behind the lie when things get tough.
I will actually have to deal with the negative consequences that come my way because I chose to NOT do something when I should have.

3. Make a list of the main things you will gain when you make this change.
—I will be considered more truthful.
I can accept the fact that I am no longer ‘one big excuse’.
I can be rewarded with positive outcomes rather than always hiding from negative ones.
I will be considered more responsible and productive.
It will make Taz happy to see my working harder for the benefit of us both and our future.
I will no longer have to live with the guilt of those bad decisions and the lies told thereafter making said-decisions.

4. Compare the lists and decide – is it worth it? If you are struggling with this activity, ask the class or instructor for some other perspectives.
Change…as long as it is for the better, is always worth it.
If it is something to help someone financially, mentally, physically, emotionally…if it’s to become more healthy, become more happy, remove guilt, and remove the barriers that make one feel insignificant and inadequate then change is always worth it. I believe that this would be worth it.

5. What ideas do you have to excite the Basic Self to support you in this change?

—Just think of how happy Taz will be when I am in Germany and she did not have to spend as much of her money as she thought because I was able to pay for most of it myself with my own hard-earned cash because I chose to stay and put in for the overtime in order to make this happen. Just think of all the exciting adventures we will be able to have using extra cash earned because it all wasn’t going into helping me move.


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