P101 – L3

Posted: November 24, 2012 in IJRS Courses



Assignment: I’d like you to take some time with this idea. Think of at least two people you ad- mire. List what it is you admire about them. Can you see the potential for that same greatness within you? Think about the Marianne Williamson quote – are you afraid that you could have this greatness within you? What would it mean if you had the qualities within yourself that you admire in others? Would you need to change your life, or lose your excuses? For fun, you can also apply this activity to your favorite Jedi – why do they inspire you, what qualities do you ad- mire, etc.

The two people that I chose of whom I admire (because there are lots of people that I admire) are two of my closest friends.
The first one that I chose is my girlfriend Tasmara.
I admire Taz more than anything, and look up to her a great deal. I admire her determination to go after her goals, no matter how impossible they seem, and I also admire the fact that she will do her best in order to finish what she started. She has learned to never leave something incomplete…because once you start a challenge, you must finish it, whether you win or lose in the end. It is this part of her personality that I look up to the most, and pray that one day I can be just as determined.
Another thing that I admire about Taz is her creativity and her knack for seeing outside of the box. She also has a knack for seeing things in objects that perhaps others wouldn’t even have thought. For example on these: When Taz goes to goodwill, she will often find broken or worn items that nobody would ever want in their house. But, Taz will find a way to fix up that item and make it into something spectacular…she will completely transform that item into something more useful and that fits her purposes.
Also, Taz is rather good with riddles, and she is really good at finding things in the oddest of places (like when she goes dumpster diving and/or we are hiking or something). They aren’t huge talents or anything special, but, it is what makes her Taz…and I love her because of it.
The second person that I chose is my best friend Kirsten. I admire Kirsten because she is one of the most gentle beings that I have ever met in my life. While at times she can be air-headed and clumsy, she is the one that actually manages to keep her head when a situation gets out of hand. She is very soft-spoken and does not like conflict…and no matter how bad a situation gets, she will always find a way to calm it down and keep it from raging out of control again.
She is a mothering type and does well taking care of others…also, she is a very talented artist (one of the best I have ever seen), and she too finds uses for the oddest of things to make them into something amazing, something that everyone can be in awe of and appreciate.

As for the second part of the assignment discussion the Williamson quote: I agree that is easier to see our flaws than it is to actually talk about our strengths. It is easier to use the excuse, “Well no one is perfect” rather than try to awaken the better parts of ourselves laying dormant. I do believe that we all have the possibility for becoming great and doing great things, but I also believe that the reason it scares others to become that better person is because of responsibility. Obviously, to get a better job, one needs a better education, and to survive in the first place, one needs income, thus that one person would need to go get a job. It’s sad…but there are a lot of people in this world that do not want to work in order to receive anything. There are people who purposefully sit in their own filth and become absorbed in poverty so that others will give them stuff for free.
Some women in Terre Haute only kept having children because it meant more welfare money. There are always supposed-beggars, sitting in camp chairs with a cardboard sign, begging for money when they actually have a job on the side and are just trying to bring in free food and untaxed income. People would rather find the easiest way of making a little money rather than working hard and actually having a decent life for themselves…just because it’s easier.
Sadly, most humans are programmed to take that easy-way-out because,”No one is perfect”. And I myself feel like I can be one of those people on occasion. I went to college for 2 years, and I hated it. I hated it because the schools screwed me over and out of money, I never did find my true calling as far as career, I was going for the major that my parents wanted me to do…and I just wasn’t happy. And during that time, all I kept telling myself was that I should quit because even if I had a low-paying job, Taz wouldn’t mind because I was still working. It was a sad and pathetic thing to say, but it was easier than thinking about how much loan money I already had to pay off and how my life seemed to be going nowhere.
Of course, this is before I decided that I wanted to go back to being a Police Officer (which Airsoft and Taz influenced), and this is before I came to the realization that, were I to ever go back to school, I would follow my dreams and be a DJ…but the purpose of my telling you this was to show you how excuses make people feel better rather than admitting to greatness and then having what seems like the whole world on your shoulder.
Lastly, I do not really have a favorite Jedi.
But, if I did…it would be Anakin Skywalker (before he became Darth Vader). Reason being is that Anakin seems the most human to me. Whereas some Jedi in the movie almost seemed robotic and plugged into a system, Anakin had his doubts, he had his moments of weakness, but for the most part (until the end when he embraced the darkside) he was able to overcome his mortal-instincts to give up, and instead, he pressed on to find a solution to his problems. That, I think, is admirable.


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