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Posted: November 24, 2012 in IJRS Courses



Hobbies: What did you enjoy doing as a child? What do you enjoy doing now in your free time? If money and time were no object, what would spend your time doing?

As a child I had many, many hobbies. But to just name a few, I was very much into the popular things likeVideo games: ( Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, WoW, and AION), watching cartoon: ( Digimon, Zoids, Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh), Playing with electronic toys and board games: (Skannerz, Beyblades, Heroscape),and lastly, being creative and finding ways to lose myself into a fantasy world: (Drawing, Writing, and Reading).
The Pokemon games are a hobby that have followed me throughout my life, and I still continue to buy them, play them, and beat them to this day. I was the Pokemon Master of my Elementary and Middle School, and I took that title with pride because it was something that I was good at (and back then, I was not good at very many things). The addiction of it came from the fact that, not only was it a strategic game, it also allowed you to catch monsters and make them into your companions, your friends…back when I was a child, I was stuck in a dark place where I was lonely and I felt shunned/unwanted. Games like Pokemon gave me something that I could get lost in…gave me virtual creatures that I could raise to be the best so that they could protect me and they never ran away, so I would always have them as my friends (it may sound silly now, but back when I was little, it made all the sense in the world). That’s why I was also addicted to the other things like Digimon, Tamogotchi, and etc.
Zoids (and the other cartoons listed) were all of my favorites at the time. I would collect merchandise and model kits from all of those things, and it influenced my art and my writing (that’s what got me started on writing fan-fictions in the first place).
Finally, Drawing, Writing, and Reading were my last attempts to escape my horrible reality (way back when). I would draw characters…different personas of myself that were immortal, were strong, and nothing could bring them down and/or break their spirit. They were in control whereas I felt like I was spiraling out of control. I finished my first ‘novel’ in sixth grade titled,”Dragon Slayers of the Elements.” It was a whopping 152 pages…and even though the writing and form is terrible, I still treasure it to this day. Reading was my last escape as I read about brave heroes going on these wild adventure with their friends. Sometimes I would pretend the villain to be another version of my own enemies, and when they were defeated it made me happy and gave me a rush of confidence that maybe I would be able to overcome my own struggles someday (in which I did).
Nowadays I try to keep my hobbies as simple as possible…I still draw, paint, and write. I love being craftsy and coming up with new ideas for portraits, sketches, tales, and etc. It really puts my mind into motion, and it especially makes me happy when people praise me for the final result.
I do not read as often as I used to as I would much rather write my own stories than read others and WISH I could write as well as they do. But, here recently I just bought some more books, and I figure that I might take it up again because it really is relaxing.
Video games are still a huge part of my life…even though I do not play them as often as I used to. In fact, I find it hard when Taz is home to play ‘certain’ games because they are not ones that we can play together. That’s why, when she is not home, I often spend waaaaay too much time on my laptop, losing hours and hours to raids, quests, and daily events.
Here recently (this year) I acquired a liking for Airsoft. I have already explained it a couple of times here at the Institute, but Airsoft is really good for Integrative Practice when it comes to the Jedi Path, also…it made me feel better about myself because it helps me get fit, it calms my jealousy over my girlfriend, and frankly, it makes me feel tough, a feeling a rather enjoy.
And I think that…were I to have more time on my hands and the money to do so, I would join a Dojo. I would take up martial arts a couple days out of the week, start doing more in the way of Airsoft, and honestly, I would just start aimlessly traveling in search of an adventure. Sounds nice to me.

Career: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What would be your ideal career now?
As a child I had the desire to be a veterinarian. I loved all animals dearly, and so, I thought that becoming an animal doctor was the best way to show that passion. I know that…now…I only wanted that profession because it meant that I got to see animals all day. I thought that animals would come in and then I could pet them and play with them all day long to make money…but I was very naïve.
Obviously I knew that animals required medicine and other things in order to get better when they were sick, but, I was not taking into account the fact that some animals needed surgery, some animals could not be saved, and some animals would be brought to me because it was their time to go.
After I realized that I would not only be saving animals…but watching some animals die…then my desire to be a vet quickly faded (especially when I saw how much schooling and Math would be involved).
Later I decided to become a Psychologist or a Music Therapist…but that flame burnt out almost as quickly as it was lit.
Besides, as I grew older, I found things that interested me far more than being a vet. Nowadays, if I could be anything, I would be a Police Officer (and plan to be once I get back from Germany in 2016). I would be that, or a DJ, or a Soldier…just because I love the radio, and/or I love being tough, and I love being able to stand up for what’s right and protect others from danger and harm.

Education: If time and money were not issue, what would you want to learn more about? This includes your Jedi path – if we had our ideal situation of an offline Academy or Temple, what would you hope to learn and focus on? Be as specific as possible.

If I had the time and money to go back to school and learn anything that I pleased, I would take instrument lessons. Things like Piano and Guitar…I would find someone to teach me how to play my accordion so that these things weren’t sitting in a storage unit, collecting dust. I would also take up some theater classes, and some art classes as well…things that teach me how to use photoshop and that teach me better art techniques so that might improve upon what I already do (that and I always like being crafty). I would take more language classes so that I could communicate with people from all over the world.
As for the Jedi Temple…were it in the context listed above, I would just want to do what I am already doing here at the Institute, only, I would want to do it amongst other people in the flesh. It really does make a difference when you have a whole group of people attempting something with you (in person), rather than trying to follow certain procedures, and then attempting to do things alone in your bedroom. I would want to take classes on Herbalism, Healing, and made some jewelry-making from Jax ;p

Personality: What do you consider to be your strengths?
1. I think that I am very creative.
2. I believe that I am a good listener.
3. I believe that I am a very patient person.
4. I believe that I am pretty darn funny when I want to be (and others would agree with this).
5. I believe that I have a deep sense of determination.
6. I believe that I am rather calm, despite the occasional tantrum or bought of hyper activity.
7. I am respected because I am willing to accept the consequences for my actions.
8. I am generally the voice of reason among my friends.
9. I am rather stubborn (in good ways).
10. I will never stoop to someone’s level in order to win an argument…and I am proud of myself for this.

As you initially think about these questions, how do you feel?
As I look through these questions and over my answers…I can tell that I have changed dramatically since that time when I was much younger. Granted, this is normal…but it was something that I never thought would happen. I always thought that I was going to remain the same in both the good and bad senses…but seeing how I have developed over the years and have become more…confident and more like the adult I want to be, well, it’s just a really nice feeling. It feels like I am accomplishing great things just by being myself…and it’s strange, but nice all at the same time.

Finally, I‘d like you to share your dream for the future of your path and that of the Jedi community. Where do your strengths fit into this picture.
I am still not sure what the Jedi Path holds for me. I am not sure what the future in general holds for me, so it is uncertain of what I will ever have to offer this Community. Honestly, the way I see it…I am here as a Truth Seeker. I have come to this place in order to learn the ways of the Jedi, practice my life in way of the light, and achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a Jedi Knight. Through these lessons and through these trials, I am ultimately becoming a better person than what I was before…a stronger person. It is merely my dream and hope that one day, this Community of people will grow and flourish as more people become Truth Seekers like myself, and wander to this place. It is my dream that one day, the Jedi Community will not be laughed at because we are merely a bunch of “role-playing, Star Wars freaks”, but that we will be respected and honored because of our contributions towards making this world a better and more peaceful place. That’s really the only way I can think so say it.


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