New project of mine…

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Meditation, Uncategorized

So…lately I have continued to ponder over the relationship between those of different lifestyles and religions: how we still manage to cooperate as a single whole, even when it seems as though we are two completely different people.

I have many examples like this within my life. My girlfriend is one example: she was raised Catholic and still claims to be so even though she is not heavily practiced and/or involved in it—my best friend from high school is a Mormon and is just now breaking free of her once-strict religious lifestyle and opening her eyes to new things and new possibilities. Lastly you have my little sister who is Baptist, has an immense fear of being damned to hell, and who desperately wishes to reach out to God and hear the voices beyond.

Then you have me… The Pagan/Jedi.

So I decided to do a little bit of a social experiment within this group of people. I decided that I wanted each of these people to go with me through a guided meditation…just to see what their minds came up with while they were immersed in another world.

I have already gone through one with my girlfriend, and I figure that once I get the results from the other two experiences, I will write a whole blog then. But, I am excited to see what I end up with 🙂


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