Where there is Light there is also the Darkness…

Posted: November 8, 2012 in SITH-Related

The Universal Symbol for the New Age of Sithism

The other day I was thinking about what had originally drawn me towards the JEDI Path and way of life…
And like I said so many times in my responses to questions and in my reports—I would like to think that it was something fascinating, some sort of message and/or epiphany that had made look into the JEDI Church and into their teachings. But, sad as it may be…it just so happened that time-and-place made me bored at home (within my old apartment), and old-time discussions in theology and history class + frustrations due to current events made me realize that religion is a fickle thing.

While Religion in itself can be enlightening and can be good for the mind, for the body, and for the over-all moral structure of Human development…religion and religious beliefs can also be very dangerous; not only for those involved in certain religious practice, but also for others of different groups who could be considered ‘enemies’ of a specific belief system (just take the Nazi rule versus the Jews for example).
So it was in my own little inner day-dreamings about crazed-cults that I happened to look over at my movies, see “Star Wars I” on VHS and then wonder to myself whether some people considered themselves real-life JEDI. And look where I am today 🙂


So where is this journal going?
Well…I’m sure that you noticed the New-Age Sithism Insignia at the top of the page….

Today was just another one of those days of inner day-dreamings where I was wondering about religious cults and the way they form. But, my mind also went into the topic of “Yin-and-Yang” and the fact that there are always two-sides if the same coin. Everything good has something bad to challenge it…and so…where there is light, there is also the darkness. That is how the world is balanced. We need both in order to function properly…and because there was a JEDI religion and lifestyle, I was also curious to see what there was as far as a SITH religion and/or lifestyle was concerned.

While I was a part of the JEDI-Church group on Facebook, there were many members on there that considered themselves avid practitioners of the SITH lifestyle…there were also others on there that while, they were not interested in becoming JEDI, they often asked about SITH and how the JEDI religion could possibly have an “anti-force”. There was never anything mentioned about any actual practice as far as the SITH went…so I never thought that such an order existed….
But…today I found the SITH-Academy.

I have not been able to do much research thus far because of lack of laptop (I’m using Taz’s at the moment while my new one is being shipped to me), but what I have found greatly disturbs me…and yet…it intrigues me at the same time.
I have listed the Sithism Principles and Teachings down below…but you can read them for yourself: HERE.


Sith Academy is this planet’s first temple of Sithism. We are open to all seekers who wish to walk the Sith Path of Power. Sithism is a religion, philosophy and way of life which takes inspiration from the Sith of Star Wars, Nietzschean philosophy, Eastern mysticism, science fiction and many other sources. The main pillars and prophets of Sithism are described below. 


The Primacy of Power

“What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the Will to Power, power itself in man. What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power increases – that a resistance is overcome.” This is the Golden Rule of Sithism. 

The Dark Tao

“We must know that war is common to all and strife is justice, and that all things come into being through strife necessarily.” The fundamental creative force in this ‘verse is conflict. Through conflict, life evolves, the strong grow stronger and man achieves greatness. The Sith seek to align themselves with this Dark Tao or Lucifer Principle in order to achieve ever higher levels of power. 

Esoteric Hierarchy

In the Sith Path there are two kinds of power: inner power and outer power. Power over the outer cosmos belongs to those who have mastered the inner cosmos: the Sith sorcerers and psychic supermen, not the muggles and mundanes. Our order therefore opposes socialism, democracy and egalitarianism and favors oligarchy, theocracy and imperialism. 

The Power of the Dark Side

“Man needs what is most evil in him for what is best in him.” To maximize his power, man must learn to embrace his Shadow and awaken all aspects of his nature. Man’s dark side can be his most potent ally, but only if it is brought under control with Sith discipline. 

Dark Energy

“Dark side of the Force”, “dark force” or “dark energy” are terms used by Sith masters to reflect our belief in a universal energy field which is driving the galaxies apart and moving the cosmos toward a state of universal darkness. As with “chi”, “ki” “prana”, “mana” or “vril” in other esoteric traditions, harnessing dark energy is the key to developing one’s psychic power and attaining Sith mastery. 

The Superman

“I teach you the Superman. Man is something that shall be overcome.” The goal of the Sith Path is to produce supermen – mental, spiritual and physical super-beings who can lead the way to a higher order of existence for mankind. 

The Endarkenment

The Sith Illuminati believe that this planet’s memetic environment is shifting dramatically toward the dark side. They believe that the Age of Enlightenment is ending and an Age of Endarkenment is upon us. Sith Academy seeks to become the leading school of Endarkenment ideology on this planet. 

Multiversal Mythology

Sith mystics believe that everything imaginable exists in a larger multiverse of ideas. Therefore the Sith of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, the Bene Gesserit of Dune, the Augments of Star Trek, Doctor Doom of the Marvel Universe, Ra’s al Ghul of the DCU and many other inspiring fictional individuals are seen as real heroes, saints and gods of Sithism. 

Galactic Empire

The primary outer-cosmic goal of Sithism is to move mankind toward ever-higher levels of organization and power – to establish global, solar and galactic Empires under the guidance of the Sith theocracy. Ultimately, the Sith Empire seeks to merge with the Dark Universe itself. 


Friedrich Nietzsche

The philosopher Nietzsche was the first great prophet of the dark side in the Western world. His ideas have been misinterpreted, romanticized and sanitized for more than a century, but Sithism is the first attempt to build a working religious ideology upon them. 

Darth Imperius

Darth Imperius is the founder and grandmaster of Sith Academy. In 2011 he had a revelation during which he was contacted by the last of the Sith Lords of the Galaxy Far, Far Away and commanded to begin building the first Sith Order in this galaxy. 

Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious, aka Emperor Palpatine, was one of the greatest of the Sith Lords of the Galaxy Far, Far Away. His masterful plan to overthrow the Republic, destroy the Jedi and establish a Galactic Empire serves as a great inspiration to Sith disciples in this galaxy. 

The Buddha

The only religious prophet on this planet whom the Sith consider worthy of emulation is Gautama Buddha. In areas such as metaphysics, meditation and psychology his insights are unsurpassed. The Sith are in many respects a dark side Buddhist lamacracy. 

H. P. Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft had profound insights into the nature of our Dark Universe and is one of the prophets of the Endarkenment. His philosophy of “Cosmicism” has strongly influenced the Sith worldview. 


The Sith Path is a path of inner and outer empowerment designed to produce the first generation of Sith masters in this galaxy. The Sith Path incorporates elements from many traditions, including Eastern disciplines such as Zen meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Qigong, “mind tricks”, persuasion and seduction techniques, left-hand path occultism, Machiavellian political skills, cosmic science and imperialist ideology. To begin your journey on the Sith Path, proceed to the Initiates Course.


As far as I have seen, they said that they are only taking Men into their ranks…
This organization seems serious and legit enough…but whether or not they truly function as an academy with people who are also serious in obtaining this so-called “Unlimited Power” is another thing.

I don’t know…they say that curiosity killed the cat…and I am in no-way interested in going to “The Dark Side” as it is my current, long-term goal to become a “JEDI Knight” and Master. Still, I am really, really curious of this SITH Academy. I’m not exactly sure why.

Anyways…what is everyone’s opinion on this anti-force?

  1. butchjax says:

    You need to really consider why you would ignore the disturbing aspects and be intrigued, because the answer can make a huge difference in your life. Both of my apprentices spent time at sith sites. They left as they understood the lies inherent in the path, and the truth of the light. You will not be helped by going the route of sith training – not in the long run. Because you can’t really separate the good from the bad there. Nor do you need to. The light holds no limitation, only infinite space and potential. Anyone who says it doesn’t, doesn’t truly understand the light path. They’re trying to understand it from a limited and limiting perspective. We should talk about this in chat soon. There’s an IJRS chat on Saturday morning, which you might want to attend, and we can talk after. Or another time. But I don’t want to see you go off on a path that won’t bring you greater freedom.

    • element02 says:

      So even though this has been covered via other PMs and etc…I would like to clarify the things that were meant when it came to this blog as I know other JEDI have read my passages from time-to-time:

      I told others that they had no reason to worry: I am not trying to join and/or even look into the SITH Academy. My post was merely to point out the fact that such a dark order exists…it is out there, but, I am not joining into their courses or even reading them.

      By viewing their goals and aspirations alone, that was enough to deter me from joining their cause…and confirming that the dark side is not for me only strengthened my resolve and determination to complete my training to become a JEDI Knight.

      I also mentioned that they do not take women into their ranks which already shows that they do not believe in the fact that all can show potential in becoming one with the Force and the powers of the universe…they are anti-equality, and, as they are already against my views and personal beliefs…I could never join them.

    • element02 says:

      Crap…my nieces flagged your last comment on accident. Hope that doesn’t do any damage 😦

      • butchjax says:

        Note to self: Keep kids away from computer. lol I was just saying that we can learn the most by being exposed to our opposite beliefs. It shines a real bright light on what we want because it’s so different from it. By looking at the other side you realized that the Jedi path is right for you, so this exploration was valuable. 😉

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