Communication Exercise

Posted: October 1, 2012 in IJRS Courses, Ranting/Venting

The communication exercise was actually one of the harder ones for me to finish/complete/ and practice.
I found that it was most difficult because it is hard to get a majority of my friends to cooperate. You have to understand that the majority of my friends are my co=workers, and while these fellow employees have a kind and caring center…on the outside, they like to pick fun at each other to make the day go by faster and to keep everyone laughing.
But sometimes…their jokes go a little too far.

So I was sitting at the table with my notebook (because I take notes on the introductory course workbook to help me learn better) when one of my co-workers sat down and asked me what I was doing (because he found it odd that I was writing in the break room). At first, I merely said,”I am working on my spirituality.”
Well, this made him even more curious. This is the guy who started working out with me and got me into Airsoft. This is the guy that is an Army Veteran and calls me his ‘battle buddy’. I take his opinion in all the highest regards, and so, when he wants to know more information about something, I generally tell him. So when he asked me to elaborate, I told him,”I am learning the ways of the Jedi-Realist.”
Well, you could imagine what popped into his head. The word ‘Realist’ never even registered in his mind and all he heard was ‘Jedi’. So now he is thinking Yoda and lightsaber’s and he starts laughing his ass off! He told me: “Amelia…you live in a wacky fairytale, you know that? Jesus Christ didn’t want you…Scientology was too cool, so you decided that you were going to be a Jedi, huh?!” which was then followed by more laughing and an added,”You know…I just need to bring a camera to work and record this shit. I will have my own reality series on Youtube called: A day in the life of Amelia the retard.” and then he kept laughing.

I chuckled along a bit…I never take what he says personally because I know he is just doing it to pick fun. And believe-it-or not, he is a really good friend to me most of the time..but alas, when it came time to do this exercise, it took him awhile to cooperate. :dry:

Alright…so, when telling the Two truths and a Lie…I could tell when this co-worker was lying because his eyes would squint up when he raised his eyebrows (which he only did while lying). The second co-worker did something similar. Both men would cover their mouths and raise their eyebrows, occasionally glancing to my left. It would seem that while they could tell a truth right off the top of their head, it took them a little longer to think up a lie.
Truths were usually the obviously things…descriptive words about their appearance (like eye color, hair color, and etc). Other things that people tended to tell the truth about right off the top of the head had to do with their vehicles and/or significant others.

when it came to telling the 2 lies…again, we ran into the same things: the squinting of the eyes, the wrinkling forehead, the raising of the eyebrows. It took people longer to think up a lie than to tell the truth. There was a lag in their responses as they tried to come up with something.

The open questions actually proved harder on ME than on any of my friends to answer. I asked the one co-worker why he joined the military and why he never went back. I asked my other friend why he preferred electric airsoft guns over the gas-blowbacks. It would seem that I am so used to the simplistic yes-or-no questions that it was hard to find something that had to be answered otherwise. That and my friends laughed because they felt as though they were being interviewed. But, I mostly used things that they had mentioned as their truths to help me write the ten questions (which each person had 10 individual questions only for them). so whereas one might have been asked where he met his girlfriend and what he would do as the perfect proposal (because he is a romantic), another friend might be asked why he aspired to be a DJ and what his craziest party memory was.

Through this, I observed that most people really like talking about themselves. They like talking about things that have inspired them or their personal accomplishments. They love to elaborate on the things that make them happy, and they almost get carried away with their answers if you hit a question that they really like. Most people when explaining themselves will smile with pride…some have a more solemn look. But over all, you can see that these people are happy that someone cared enough to ask more about their personal lives.


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