A better, healthier me.

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Diet & Exercise, Ranting/Venting

Part of the Jedi path is taking care of one’s own body. While I have both my good and bad days (for this), I feel as though it is time to establish a solid plan to better take care of myself.
There are multiple ways that I plan to achieve this goal of a better, healthier me.  I plan to do this not only through exercising more, but also, I need to start eating healthier, and finally, I really need to start taking better care of myself in other ways such as hygiene and etc. Small things like keeping my hair cut and keeping my nails trimmed are small ways in which to make me feel better about myself and to not making excuses why I cannot do something.

But lets break this down into smaller categories to discuss my plans more in-depth:


  • Physical Fitness:

There comes a time when I need to go beyond working out at a gym where I have a membership and/or working out at a gym-like facility (like the one located right here in my apartment complex)—because, once I move out of  my apartment on Nov.5th, and especially when I leave for Germany in November, those resources will not be immediately available to me. On another note, I absolutely HATE the gym!!! I always feel so self-conscious when I go. I’m much more likely to work out when it’s in the comfort of my own little personal space.
I mean, obviously…running outside is fine because I can pretend as though I’m the only one outside. But, when I get to Germany, I am not going to was to jog around the block as a stranger in a new Country.

So I have decided that I would like to take up doing Yoga.
I mean, I just love the focus of it all…the fact that it is supposed to be both a relaxing AND a challenging workout. I feel like this type of exercise is just what I need to be in better control and more in-tune with my body. It will increase my flexibility too, and who can argue with that? ;p

Secondly, to balance out my obsession with strength and being able to fend for myself, I would like to take up a martial art. I really want to learn: Krav Maga. It just looks so appealing and it calls out to me as if this was something I could really get into if just given the chance. Another part of its appeal is that is a technique taught to soldiers in the United States…and if you know me, I’m always finding ways to better myself because I regret never joining the military (and if you tell me to just join, I would…but I’m in a relationship with a soldier and we would never get to see each other. It would only make my life more complicated and so, for now, I will just deal with the fact that I never joined, and when I come back to the US in 2-3 years, I will pursue my second dream of being a police officer). But as I said, I am fascinated and slightly obsessed with the idea of ‘strength’. This can be shown in how I play my MMO’s and regular RPG’s // I’m always playing as a warrior, a barbarian, and sometimes even a beserker. I’m always playing the type that jumps into the battle first, takes the most damage and blows to protect others, but also deals the most damage to the enemy at hand!!

But obviously these resources are not very cheap. I could do Yoga without the mat…and I could even look up Yoga on youtube and do my exercises from there. Same with Krav Maga. But, quality is generally very terrible, and some videos lack quality sound of any sound at all (because youtube likes to really crack down on people). For the Yoga Mat and beginner’s set of DVD’s that I want, I am looking at $50. Krav Maga on the other hand is much more expensive since it is something taught to Military personnel. The 6-set DVD’s with the 2-books recommended to compliment the set is a boxed deal of $123 on amazon.com, and that’s NOT including the shipping and handling!!! I asked Taz for the Yoga stuff as a Christmas gift. And I might have my sister, mother, and brother pull together to get me the Krav Maga. But who knows?

Now, it’s not as though I do not exercise now. there are things that I am currently doing that keep me pretty fit (for the most part). For one, I play Airsoft. Granted, I’m not as much of a regular player as I would like to be…but when I DO play, I play rough.
It’s generally an 8-hour day on a decommissioned Missile Base out in Hobart, IN. There are generally a little less than 100 players which consists of tweens, police officers, ex military personnel, and adults that just do it for the fun. I am generally in full military gear, running around with my full-metal M4A1, with a full-metal pistol in the holster of my tactical vest. I sweat a lot, run a lot, jump a lot, and crawl a lot. I get sweaty for sure…and by the end of the day, I am exhausted and achy. But it makes me smile.
I also have regular exercises that I do as well. One of my newest is called,”The laundry game”.
Every time I put in a load of laundry, I have to do 50 jumping jacks and 2 push-ups. Normally this would not be bad…but I generally let my laundry pile up, so when I do my laundry, it can be anywhere between 3-6 loads :/
Makes me want to never do another load of laundry EVER again….


  • Taking Better Care of myself // Diet & Hygiene:

I have also tried to diet by eating healthier foods. I cut myself down to getting only 1 soda  a week, and I have cut down on my sweets intake A LOT (which doesn’t do much because I don’t eat a lot of sweets unless I’m on my period). I also switched the pudding in my lunches to sugar-free jello. Bought fruit to keep me from eating junk food in the morning and snacking on bad foods when I get home at night.
Instead of full-out bread, I actually bought whole-grain tortilla’s to make sandwich wraps out of…and I’m just doing small things like that to make a BIG difference.

But as far as taking better care of myself….it would seem that I have run into a very dark place.

I used to be very clean…like OCD-type clean. I had to at least have one shower at night, and I could not stand it when I started getting film on my teeth from eating because it made my mouth feel gross. Granted, sometimes I skipped showers while in College so that I could get some much-needed sleep, but nowadays I feel just plain disgusting!!!
Ever since Taz left for Basic Training and started this whole military-thing…I just don’t care about myself anymore. I will skip ‘full’ showers for days (like…I will wash up, but not fully shower) I will forget to shave, sometimes forget to brush my teeth (but I’ll use mouthwash). I mean, I don’t stink, and I don’t look nasty…but it’s all come down to being pure laziness on my part because I’m just too depressed to care. It got to the point where I started having dreams about my teeth falling out one-by-one…
Yeah…it’s getting bad.

I have never been this way in my entire life!!! I mostly blame it on depression, but now, with the toothaches and the fact that I have to go see a Dentist to fill in some cavities (which I have barely ever had—and have had none since I was a kid), I realize that something has to change and fast!!!

I micro-manage everything in my life with alarms…so…I have set alarms on both my phone AND my iPod to remind me to brush and shower at a certain time (just in case if I have forgotten and/or have gotten distracted by something else). This I will do before I got to work and after I come home from work. I mean, when Taz comes home…I’m that super clean freak again. It’s just when she is gone that I feel like poo and I don’t care that I’m grungy. But when we were Skyping this weekend and she told me how I never dress up for her on webcam anymore…I felt like a total bum and a slob.
So yeah…it’s time to go back to that clean person I used to be. It’s time I start caring about me…

And if I’m to work towards Knighthood, this is a critical part in my training that I must first succeed at and make it a regular thing. I only have one body in this physical lifetime. I need to take care of it.


  1. butchjax says:

    yes, it sounds like depression. We can get that sorted though, without Taz having to come home. lol

    I have an easy, free solution for you. Nerd Fitness. They have workouts that require no equipment, or very minimal equipment. They have body weight programs. I’ll send you an email about it. Join the site, you’ll get lots of inspiration for changing your life in many ways. It’s quite awesome. I love the blog articles. 🙂

    Let me know what you think about that. If it doesn’t get you going very well, let me know and we’ll discuss some other options.

    As for hygiene, does it help if you tell yourself that it’s a requirement to being a Jedi that you do those minimal things – brush teeth and shower? I find it can help me, but I’m not depressed, just get days where I get lazy and tired. lol

    • butchjax says:

      Oh, I should have also said, your honesty helps you move beyond the issues. Recognizing the problem is important, and being willing to share it so there is accountability is a big help. You’re doing really well, in case you didn’t know. 🙂

      • element02 says:

        Thank you for the kind words.
        I have noticed that when I make it a point to be blunt about the things I am doing (whether right or wrong) that something always gets done about whatever issue I might be having. For example, if I have made it a point to embarrass myself by pointing out the fact that I’m not nearly as cleanly as I should be…I am obviously going to fix that problem because now the WHOLE internet knows just how much of a slob I am. It’s that ‘guilty complex’-thing that I mentioned in one of my previous assignments.

        Also, depression is something I have suffered from since I was young. I stopped taking medication for it in 5th grade because I did not like the side effects and I felt as though it was taking away from my humanity. I try to deal with this issue on my own, and can usually conquer the feelings of hopelessness and despair. But sometimes it just becomes overwhelming and the negative feelings and emotions win. This is something I need to work on for sure…

        Lastly…I’m checking out nerd fitness right now. I will let you know what I think—
        thank you very, very much!!! 🙂

      • butchjax says:

        I emailed you the workouts. Check hotmail. They might have rejected it due to file size. We’ll work on the rest of this over time. I have loads of ideas but no clue where to start yet. Lol i’m thinking about it as I read your assignments though and try to feel out what is most useful in the moment so I don’t overwhelm you with stuff.

  2. Kol Drake says:

    hmmm… I was in the Army long long ago and usually tend to play cleric/priests in WoW… wonder what that means?

    I was stationed in what was then West Germany ‘back then’ — not far from Frankfurt. You can go out into the smaller villages and towns or take a ‘day trip’ b train for next to nothing and enjoy the countryside and walk (or jog… but walking let’s you enjoy Nature a tad more) — anyway, walk the Volks Marches. Many villages and towns have short and long loop ‘nature trails’/walking routes and most weekends you can wander in, sign up, (pay a small fee) and depending if you walk short of long — get a short or long ‘giftee for finishing’ (your entry fee paid for it… so not so free). One I did had a faux, oversized commemorative pewter coin with the image of a local ‘ruler’ and the castle which was nearby. One fellow and his wife collective Volks plates — each plate had images of the local area — castles, the village or town, any royalty, sites of renown. So, it can be healthy and fun and decorate your shelves or walls too!

    Long comment but.. there are fun opportunities. Even if it’s ‘just’ say — taking the tram into Frankfurt and walking around the zoo and ‘peoples garden’ (( which is a nice large bit of Nature (and hothouses) right in the heart of the city )). I used to come in by train and then walk my butt off all over town the rest of the day. Not a lot of huffing and puffing but, I had some good leg power while there. (( well, of course, I was also running several miles per day due to M-F ‘PT’ too… ))

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