Feeling a bit distraught & agitated…

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Ranting/Venting

…so I seem to be running into things from my last bout with religions and spiritual paths. You see, when it comes to taking up a new religion and/or lifestyle, I take this time of growth and development VERY seriously. For instance, with this JEDI-Path, I read through the workbook, takes notes, and then I document every little thing that happens to me. From blogs, to sketches, and etc.

I found that working on my own as one of the ONLY new students in the Jedi Institute was very relaxing. Everyone else had already moved on past the introduction, and therefore I was able to write whatever I wanted, say how I really felt, and not feel totally self-conscious about the things coming out of my mouth.

But right now I am feeling distraught and slightly agitated…>.>
There is a new student that, not even within the last 18 hours has posted everything in the Introductory workbook and will be moving on to the courses soon. That’s fine as I understand that everyone has their own pace, but after reading through his answers and what-not myself, I am actually kinda mad!!!
To me, it feels like this guy did not even take the time to really read through the workbook. It sounds to me like he did not even bother trying to take this seriously because he could not even manage to answer all the proposed questions from each individual exercise! I mean…it’s just…it’s juts kinda annoying when someone sits there and says that going through all of that is a mere waste of time!

If it’s such a waste of time, then why is he even there to begin with?! I mean, I get loving the warrior aspect and wanting to become stronger, and I understand that finding your spirituality is a HUGE step that many people take in order to better themselves. But to just stick your nose up in the air and disrespect your instructors by NOT following the directions because it is a waste of time?! Ungh…makes me really miffed. I’m not even faculty and it makes me mad!!!

And poor Master Yoshio is ‘trying’ to get this guy to see that maybe he should be looking for balance within his intuitive types, and the Master is also trying to ask the guy the questions he failed to answer in his two-sentence posts.

Or maybe this guy or kid is doing just fine and maybe I’m just the odd one out…

…maybe I’m the problem here. Who knows?

But I feel as though I have had a lot of anger in me lately when it comes to this Jedi-Path.
for instance, I decided that I was going to head back to the Facebook Group (The Jedi Church), to see what type of insightful things were being discussed.
I was just blown away by all the silliness I saw.

Alright…it’s one thing to have humor in religion or spirituality, THAT’S FINE.
But when you have threads of people yelling at each other because one guy is posting Christian things on a Jedi thread, or because someone was mentioning the possibility of a Sith Church, that’s just a little too much. And when 5 other people are posting how they just broke up with someone, or someone is posting very vulgar information about how they want to have sex with someone but then edit it to add Jedi terms to refer to their penis…that’s when I start getting agitated.

The occasional funny star wars meme or photo is all in good fun and it eases the atmosphere. But that place was so appealing because it offered deep intellectual discussions once-upon-a-time…and now, it all just comes off as trash. No wonder none of my friends post there anymore.
I wanted to mail Paladin Carl to address this issue…but I guess me must have hope that maybe one of the 200 Star Wars Enthusiasts on that page might actually be on there because they were truly interested in becoming Jedi.

I don’t know why I have had all these bad moods lately…but yeah…
Now I just feel like a jerk for ranting about all that.


  1. butchjax says:

    Remember to breath. There are all kinds of people who come by. Some have no problem going into depth and making the most of their assignments. Others need to be lead through to get more out of them. That’s our challenge, not yours. Note, he hasn’t moved on to courses. I’m the only person who sets up course access. Since I haven’t had a chance to read his assignments, I haven’t been able to respond. But I don’t just give access because a student says they are done. 😉

    Most of the time I don’t take it as disrespect anymore. It’s usually possible to understand why they did what they did, For you, it’s easy to go into things, think about them, explore them… All you need are things to think about and you’re able to run with it and expand. But there are other people who don’t think about things like that. They have to learn how to learn about themself, if that makes sense. It’s our challenge to figure out how to do that. Your challenge is to find ways to view the situation from new perspectives so you aren’t angry. 😉 It’s good to vent, that can help you find that perspective.

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