Why Jedi?

Posted: September 25, 2012 in IJRS Courses


Why Jedi?


1.)    What first inspired you to seek the Jedi Path in your life?
I am not sure what first inspired me towards the Jedi Path in my life.
To an extent, I would like to think of it as a random calling that came out of nowhere. Because, I seemed to be content in having a religion merely dubbed as “Pagan” where I was non-practicing and my religion had no real focus. So why I suddenly decided that I needed more guidance in my life is a complete mystery and it was just a random event that just happened. Story of my life.

2.)    Were there any key events around that time that caused you to seek this path?
—Much as I would like to say that I was given a ‘sign’ or that something Divine led me to find the Jedi, my story holds no such thing. As it would happen, I was just sitting at my laptop while my girlfriend was doing her PT for the Army, and just randomly started thinking about my life and religion (because of some debate I saw going on over Facebook).
That’s when I started thinking that Religions were rather silly because, a person can make a religion out of anything then swear that it is better and/or more true than other religions, therefore starting debate and conflict between people’s. On that note, I started thinking about cults that were started over fandoms, then I randomly looked over at my movie rack, saw my “Star Wars” tapes (Episode I and II on VHS), and from there, I decided to see if they had a religion and/or cult for the Jedi.

It was then that I wound up on the page for the “Jedi Church” and began reading about the religion. While I had wanted to get more involved with The Craft (Wicca) recently because I felt like I needed more guidance in my life, I was rather unmotivated to do so because I felt like the path did not ‘complete’ me. I felt like, there were ways that The Craft made me a better person, but I also felt like The Craft was making me into a ‘different’ person and was driving me away from being my own individual self.

I will say that I have never been a total NERD over Star Wars (that’s my Big Brother’s department). But, I did know enough about the movie to be interested in it and to like the storyline. Also, in some of my role-playing games there were Jedi-related Guilds and Clans that I often joined because those were the ‘lawful-good’ kinds that were always very knowledgeable people and they were very friendly 🙂

But the more I read about the Jedi, their beliefs, and their religion…the more I started to feel…excited. I almost had this urge to just jump about, yell, and cry happily because the more I read, the more I began to feel that this was what I had been looking for all along. I don’t know why I felt this way…it just happened. It was just this miraculous moment, and the next thing I know I have paid 20 dollars to receive my Jedi Certificate, I have joined the Facebook Group for the Jedi Church, and sure enough, here I am now?

Sorry for taking the long way around on that one. ^^;
3.)    How did you find this training? Have you received any other training elsewhere (online or off)?
—This training (and the website associated with it) was provided to me via Jax (who is my Facebook friend). We met through the Facebook Group for the Jedi Church where I had been posting regularly. She contacted me because I had asked about possibly gaining a master to teach me in the ways of the Jedi but was very unsuccessful in this because no one lives close to me and all were rather unwilling to teach me over Skype for some odd reason.
I have always been more of the type to be ‘taught’ by someone else and have a hard time teaching myself because I become unmotivated rather easily when I feel as though I am alone in an endeavor. But other than this website I have not sought and/or receive any other training.

4.)    How would you define a Jedi? What makes a Jedi different from others?
—Jedi is many things to me.
Through my training this far, I have learned that not only can Jedi be a religion, but Jedi is more of a lifestyle. Jedi to me symbolizes patience, healing, loyalty, justice, and truth. Jedi is what one calls him/herself when they have become attuned to The Force and accepts it as the universal truth, energy, and power that resides in all things and connects everything together as a whole.

The way I see Jedi differing from others is rather hard to explain. I would like to use a bit of wisdom from Tothian (another Jedi and Real Life Superhero that I conversed with the other day) when he wrote a topic which included a brief passage on Community versus Movement(s).
Jedi…as a religion…is a Community. I see it as a network of individual peoples all coming forth with their own ideas, coming together to try and make the practice better for all through different methods that produce similar results. It is a warm and welcoming environment, free of judgment and free from exclusion because someone might have a different opinion on how things work.
OTHER religions then, come off to me as a Movement. Being raised Baptist, I found that the slightest opinion that differed from the Church’s led to a house-call from the Pastor. I remember that because I drew pointy-eared heroes and read Harry Potter (and played Yu-Gi-Oh!) I was an outcast, and my Mother was asked to immediately burn all those demonic ‘things’ so that I might be purified in the name of the Lord.

Same as when I started getting piercings and would wear boy’s clothing. Finally, in the end, I was tired of the stares and the whispers behind my back. I snapped at the Pastor and was asked ‘nicely’ by the Faculty of the Church to “leave and never come back”. I feel like a lot of the older and more strict of religions are more like movements because they want all of their members to believe the same things, the same methods of things, the same working of things, all the same rules, and they want them all to live the same lifestyle as usually written in a book, script, tome, or scroll. Someone who does NOT follow these things is often threatened with eternal punishments and can even be excluded or banished from the church or religious meeting because they cannot conform to these standards.

I believe that Jedi are more accepting of all peoples…they allow people to learn at their own pace, conform their lifestyle at their own will, and only encourage people to try things, they never force anyone to do anything outside of their comfort zone.

Lastly, I believe that Jedi actually can fit into other religions (whereas usually, if you have one religion it is your ONLY religion because beliefs contradict each other). Again, Tothian agreed as he considered himself a ‘Christian Jedi’, whereas I consider myself a ‘Pagan Jedi’.
I can easily follow the Jedi Path while still practicing certain things from The Craft. Jedi and Wicca actually have a lot in common only some terms are different and there are some different processes for similar results.

5.)    What aspects of the Jedi do you aspire to? What attributes of the Jedi do you want to incorporate into yourself?
—The reason(s) I decided to follow the Path of the Jedi was because I felt as though I needed more guidance in my life. I felt and still feel out of balance with myself and with the world, and I aspire (through being Jedi) to master my emotions, become more patient, become more understanding of all things, and honestly, I just want to live a better and healthier lifestyle in a spiritual way. I want to become closer to the Ultimate Divine a.k.a The Force.

6.)    What does it mean for you to be a Jedi in your society?
—I’m honestly not sure how to answer this question.
I guess my best answer is that, I have found it hard to have hope in humanity these past 5-6 years of my life. When I moved to Indianapolis and looked around the type of people that lived in the big city, a pit grew in my heart and I started to feel dark things such as hatred and rage(s) that I did not know existed. I resented humankind and found that 90% of those that I saw were not deserving of the lives they were given because they were abusing it rather than believing it to be a gift and using it for good rather than evil. I took on the Jedi path to slap all of this stuff out of me, and clear those dark and negative thoughts from my mind and from my heart.
So to be a Jedi in my society would be a great increase to the noise control, the risk of heart-attacks in the area due to high blood pressure, it would help with the violence because I will keep control and not finally snap enough to punch someone in the face and/or hit them with my car. 😀
(not meaning to have humor in all this…but you really have to see the things I see to really understand where I am coming from).

7.)    What are your goals in your Jedi training for the next 3 months? The next 6 months? The next year?
—In the next 3 months, my goals are rather vague. I know that I want to have the Introductory Course done, and finish the majority of Force 101 and maybe even get into Personal 101. In the next 6 months, I am hoping to have a HUGE chunk of the Novice Courses done and out of the way. By the time I have reached one year, I am hoping that I have graduated from Novice to Adept, and am working through the Adept Courses. 😀
Personally though, I want to improve my meditation sessions. I want to be able to focus and stay still through the entire session so that I can get the ‘full’ experience. Also, I want to become more in-tune with The Force and be able to interpret its messages through my visions, dreams, and/or meditation(s).

8.)    What do you anticipate will be your biggest challenge to reaching these goals? For instance, do you have time constraints, family responsibilities, or health problems?
—I feel like my biggest issue with the training will be time.
Time is very precious and throughout the week, I get very little time to myself. Obviously, when I get off work at 3am (soon to be 5am because of peak), my body just wants me to fall asleep, and I will generally sleep until 3-4pm before I have to go to work again. This is because my job is so physically demanding.

Also, right now I am moving out of my apartment And getting ready to move to Germany in February (2013). This means that all my free time is spent trying to pack and/or sell my belongings, pack and/or sell all of Taz;s belongings that she did NOT store at the family hangar, as well as doing other things like buying needed supplies, singing up for a passport/ permanent residency visa, doing research, and etc.

Lastly, the only other thing that takes up that precious time of mine is my Girlfriend: Taz.
She is my number one priority, and on the weekends (my only days off), my whole day is spent Skyping with her. This time is very important to me because I can finally see her face, and in her own words, “It’s nice to know that I’m not just dating a voice”. So I obviously don’t have time to sit there and read big lessons while I’m trying to carry on a conversation with her.

9.)    After reading previous answers/responses to these questions, how do you feel about your Jedi path? Are you inspired, excited, or overwhelmed? Why do you feel this way?
—To put it simply and as bluntly as possible, I think that I made the right choice when deciding to follow the Jedi Path. If anything, I believe that training in the way of the Jedi is a good thing, and it will lead me down that road to becoming a better person.

Already I have had experiences through meditation which have inspired me, made me curious to learn more, and have me working harder to become more in-tune with The Force so that I may come to understand these visions that I receive.
Already I have found myself wanting to come home early from work just because I cannot wait to get started on the next lesson.

While parts of this experience can be overwhelming at times, and at other times it gets me frustrated and makes me wonder why I did it…most of the time I am excited to see what new and exciting things await me as I delve deeper and deeper into the ways of the Jedi. I have good vibes about it…and reading my responses only confirms that this is something I want to be serious about…it’s something that I want to do because I feel like I need this.


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