Physical & Spiritual Meditations—

Posted: September 25, 2012 in IJRS Courses, Meditation

I have been practicing the last two meditations in the last 2 days after work, and I find that as my scores decreased (from the 40’s to the 30’s) that i had more and more trouble with these meditations that I had left to do in my Force exercises.

When it comes to being a physical intuitive, I feel as though my only link to communications with nature was trough what little studies I did as a Wiccan. While I always tried to communicate with nature and be one with plants and animals, I never seemed to get very far (though people tend to say I have a natural affect on animals and them loving me to death, that and I have this very strange connection with the wind. Not sure why.)

The physical meditation went along the very same basis as “The bubble” did with the mental intuitives—starting at that place in nature, that is warm, and inviting, with a nice breeze, the sounds of running water, the smell of grass and wild-flowers, and etc.
Again, I found myself at “The Devil’s Gate” (see second reference to “The Bubble” for more information). Only this time, as the voice spoke and directed me in one direction, my body took a completely different direction altogether.

The voice was speaking of the warm sun and the nice breeze blowing through the trees when my body suddenly ended up in the water! For some odd reason I had deliberately jumped into the stream and was swimming around furiously, kicked and paddling like I was swimming away from something, and yet I knew I was swimming this way because it made me feel empowered, and it made me feel free. I was rebellious against the voice, choosing not to feel the warmth of the sun, but rather, the rush of cold water across my body, that delightful shiver as I touched the surface and the breeze swept by me. It was as if being like this suited me better, it made me stronger, and it made me feel more alive…
Then again, I was lost in the void of white as the forest faded into that familiar nothingness (I hate it when that happens).

The voice was telling me to focus on a part of my body that was tense or felt pain. I chose my shoulders…
Then the voice told me to choose a color for this pain: I chose red, because to me…red is angry, it symbolizes pain in commercials, and it’s the color of blood, which I always associate with a wound. So…while red may mean power and strength, to me, if ‘hurting’ had a color, it would be a dark red.
finally the voice told me to give this color and texture, and an image. Well, when giving the color a texture, the color itself became bumpy, and then those bumps turned into spikes. The spikes were all in line like a wide-range of pointed mountains with a dark background, making the red stand out even more. that’s when I found that, other than this texture…I was having a hard time giving this pain…this texture…this color an image :/

I thought of many things I could turn it into—a puddle of blood, raging lava, the grand canyon, and etc. But nothing that stuck for more than a second. Then when asked to communicate with this ‘pain’ and to ask questions of The Force, as usual…I ended up blank.

But there was one good thing that happened during the meditation. During the part with the light, where it was healing all pains and curing the stresses of the day, and etc. I saw a healing light. And…it’s funny, because it’s the same healing light that I used to see when we would somewhat ‘meditate’ in my high-school dance class.
It’s hard to explain in a sense…because my healing light, is like a ribbon. It’s like a long stream of smoke, bright, pure—it weaves in and out of my skin as if sewing up an open wound, as if patching a hole that was there and needs fixing. It goes through my skin, I feel it in my bones, then I feel it exit before it works its way up to another area. In my mind’s eye I can see it working, and it makes me smile, makes my bones feel warm and comfy. It’s…a ‘safe’ feeling if you catch my drift, and it’s something I am very comfortable with.


But with the spiritual meditation, I found another lack of attention -span as I did with my first try of “The Bubble”. I found that no matter how hard I tried to lay there and to concentrate, my mind would wander off somewhere else, or I would space out to the point of not hearing the voice’s directions, and then I would come-back only to realize I had no idea what this person had been talking about for the past 3-minutes :/
It was rather frustrating.

Seeing the light above my head was easy as it’s something you practice early on in Wicca. This light is also considered part of your chakra in Wicca. It is the source of all your magicks and you use it as a way to absorb energies from the divine, watching the light descend from the top of your head, into your body, and then out the tip of your fingers to do the castings (which makes me wish I could find my old Witch’s journal so I could copy my sketches for you).
So seeing the light and acknowledging that it is indeed there is something that always comes naturally for me.

The part that I got lost in was the part about the web. I saw the light, absorbed the light, and tried to use it to cure the aches and pains in my body. But, the web that was supposed to be grounding me to the Earth kept breaking. Instead of feeling as if I was being held to a solid grounding (which I felt for 30 seconds or a bit more), I saw the web snap and I suddenly felt as if my body was spinning out of control, tossing the light within me for a loop, and driving it off it’s course for healing. While parts of me felt warm and healed as I came back to…other parts of me were aching even worse than they had before, and I knew something had gone horribly wrong.

A part of me thinks that perhaps I should start sitting instead of laying down for meditations.
Another part of me thinks that I should start relaxing more BEFORE meditations (such as taking a shower, changing into pajamas, and not debating on whether I should finish off that last bit of ice-cream from my last get-together with the bestie). I’m hoping that the pretty promo beads that I’m getting from Jax might just help me out with that wandering brain of mine, or at least help me see things more clearly, and/or keep things like the ‘spinning’ from happening again.

Ah well…practice makes perfect, right?

But with that meditation, I have officially finished the “Introductory Force Exercises” and I’m on to Personal next!!! Wish me luck! 😀


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