Difference In Religious Views—

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Asking Advice?, Ranting/Venting

So I decided to take a break from my normal routine of doing part of the Introductory Course to ask a question: How do you handle religious differences in a relationship?

When  I first met Taz (she found me on a dating website), she knew that I was Wiccan.
I was not a strong practitioner of The Craft, but, I had my moments and days where I would light my incense, lay out some cards, or delve into the writing of some new spell I eventually wanted to try. I even ritualistically bound two of my friends that had planned on getting married, but they wanted more spiritual first.

Taz classifies herself as Catholic merely because that’s how she was raised. She doesn’t go to Church or Pray, but she does believe in God as the Christians have defined Him, and, having been raised a Baptist/Catholic, I understand when she talks about certain things she was taught, what she does believe within her faith, and what she thinks is bogus.
Either way…we have been living with a difference in religion for the past 2 years, but that’s because neither one of us was serious about binding ourselves to a certain faith or lifestyle. But now that I have begun talking the Jedi Courses and practicing them almost daily in hopes of creating a better life and lifestyle for myself, well, I’m getting nervous around her.

It’s like…I want to share my ‘divine’ experiences with her, and I want to be able to show her my drawings, explain the visions I had, discuss what I believe certain things mean. She even allowed me to quiz her on what intuitive type she was so that I might better understand her on a deeper level…but I just get so nervous bringing stuff up to her because she is always ‘laughing’ at me.
Mind you, her sister is Pagan—but not a strong practicing one. And her grandmother might as well have been a Witch because of her strong focus in herbalism, self-healing, spirits, and old remedies (even though she was Catholic).

But when I talk to Taz about my Guide of Wisdom, or when I tried to explain The Lighthouse to her…she just chuckles at me and kinda acts like I’m crazy. she laughs in a way that an adult chuckles at a child when they are playing pretend, and I kinda don’t like it.
I mean, I do not expect Taz to change her religious views and lifestyle for me…I would NEVER ask that of her let alone expect something like that! Either way…I wish there was some way to ask her to be more supportive of what I’m doing, and to really take my feelings into consideration (without her getting mad at me because she thinks I’m attacking her or something).

I really would rather this not become something that I have to do while she is gone because I become too self-conscious to do it while she is home.

I mean…she says she doesn’t care what I do religiously or even lifestyle-wise because (quote),”You believe what you believe. And who am I to judge you for that?’
I know she doesn’t judge me…but that the same time, I don’t like being anxious, and I don’t like having to avoid discussing certain parts of my day because she laughs at me. I mean, this is the woman I’m moving to Germany with and will be marrying. So goodness…what to do, what to do?


I guess what I’m asking is…how do you handle something like this?
How do you live happily in a household with 2 different religious views?


I mean…when it came to children, both Taz and I agreed that our child would find his/her own religious path. We would give them the tools necessary to do the research, but, in the end, that child would have to put forth the effort to go out and find that path, that calling that is right for them. This was a solution that suited us both and I wholly agree with it…so at least we aren’t at a difference when it comes to that (in case that was to be brought up later).
But for the here and the now…what should I do?

  1. Jax says:

    This is tricky. What I’d recommend for now is to tell her how you feel about her reactions to what you tell her. That it makes you uncomfortable talking about anything you experience because you feel like she isn’t taking you seriously. You aren’t asking for her to do anything you do, but to not be laughed at. That’s a simple issue of respect, and not a big thing to ask for.

    Then, ease into the rest. She doesn’t need to know everything, especially while you’re trying to figure it out. Plus, she’s in a very conservative environment right now. Spirituality is not a part of the military. Yes, church is, but in a very different way than it is used in the civilian world. For now, when so far apart, don’t push things. Ease into that in person. Then you can show her things, explain things, even help her experience energy and stuff. In time. It’ll be alright I bet, given time.

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