Not as successful as I thought it would be…// Meditation #2

Posted: September 19, 2012 in IJRS Courses, Meditation

I was so impressed by how well I had done with the first meditation that I have been telling all of my friends about this “Divine Moment” that I had while experiencing “The Lighthouse”.

Since that moment, I could not wait to get back to my studies so that I could get through the notes for Mental Intuitive and see what my mind created for me there. Well, tonight I did not read the notes as I had read them the night prior…and I went straight into the meditation called “The Bubble”.

But, this meditation did not go as I had hoped it would…in fact, it went nothing like I thought it would and I feel as though I merely laid there for twenty-minutes and did nothing but wonder when it was going to be over with…for real. at first, before I started the meditation, I changed into more comfy clothing (because I was still in my work clothes). I let down my hair, took off my glasses, changed into comfy clothes, turned out my light this time and then tried to let the meditation take me away.

The advice given to me by my instructors was to not ‘expect’ something to happen…to let it all happen naturally. This I was already aware of, but I made it a point to remind myself of this before starting the meditation. But, once the track began playing, I just felt so DISTRACTED.
First my arms felt strained and they were pressing on my belly, so I placed them by my side. Then I had something tickling my nose, so I had to scratch at that (even though I tried to ignore it). Then I felt like I had some goop on my eyelid so I had to scratch that too…then I noticed how much my gauges smelled and how I needed to change them, and etc, etc, etc.
The list was never ending!!!

My mind just seemed off in every direction, and every time I would finally focus enough to immerse myself back into the light of the bubble, something else would drag me away again. I felt the light for a brief moment, then it would fade. Then I would feel myself weightless in the bubble, then I would be smooshed on my bed again.
Then I would feel the warmth of love as I thought about Taz and my bubble expanding into hers…and then it was gone because I had another itch.


And another thing…when it asked me to visualize this wiser being that resides inside myself…why the Hell was I hugging a native man with the head of a water buffalo? Why were his eyes hollow? And why did I feel safe around something like that?!

Sometimes…I feel like I let my mind play a little ‘too’ much when searching for answers and trying to connect with The Force. Can someone offer me some insight as to what they think? Opinions anyone?

  1. butchjax says:

    Before doing a meditation like this (aka something long that involves doing something) spend a few minutes calming your mind first. Get the wiggles and the scratches out before trying to focus on something more. Some days you may find it’s just not possible to do a guided meditation because your mind is too active or distracted. Don’t worry about those days.

    As for guides, don’t judge. Your intuition was telling you something about your guide which tells you something about yourself. guides present themselves in ways that are symbolic. For instance, my guide is huge. He is an intimidating presence which is useful as he is my protector. He’s also native, but with blue eyes. The native part comes because I’ve always been drawn to that culture growing up, as it’s a culture that represents wisdom to me. The blue eyes are because blue eyes are typically trustworthy. Therefor his qualities present strength, wisdom, and trustworthiness.

    It’s worth looking up the animal totem meanings of the buffalo. That might teach you something about the meaning.

    Don’t judge the experience. Don’t judge the presentation. It is symbolism and will make sense in time.

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