The Main purpose of this Blog:

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

My Jedi Alter-ego

I will just make this as short and as sweet as possible…

While this blog is a documentation of my journey to becoming stronger, this blog is also mainly used as a way to put down all of my exercises and experiments when it comes to my studies as a Novice in the Jedi-Realist Institute.

That’s right…I am Jedi.

I do not remember what pulled me to the path of the Jedi Realist.
It was just one of those days where I was sitting around, looking through my old Wicca books when finally I said aloud,”This is NOT the path for me. It’s close…but…I’m still missing something.” not even a few days later, I was on the internet, and suddenly I just had the urge to research the Jedi.
I had not watched Star wars, had not read anything about the Jedi Church on the news…it was just something that popped into my head, and my heart was telling me that I would not stop that nagging feeling until I looked into it.

Sure enough, I went to the Jedi Church website, read up all that I could there, then I started looking for ‘outside’ sources that could give me information, and before I knew it, I had joined the Facebook Group and was ordering my $20.00 certificate.
Call it impulse, call it fate or whatever else….all I knew (and still know now) was that I finally found a community where I could bond with people through deep intellectual conversations about life and the mysteries surrounding things such as The Force.

I finally felt like my life was suddenly based on more than just Karma, Sympathetic Magics, and pure luck (as it had felt with Wicca)…I felt more attuned to a greater essence and greater being. Which is why I am here today.

I am 21 and have numerous hobbies: I read, write, draw, sing, play video games, play Airsoft…and the list goes on and on.
I am currently in a wonderful relationship with a soldier in the United States Army ❤ Taz and I have almost been together for 3-years and she is my life and the main source of my strength.

I guess what I am hoping to learn from all this…what I’m hoping to take with me from this change in lifestyle is merely becoming a better person. I want to be stronger in all forms of the word: Physically, mentally, and spiritually.
I want to earn new skills in order to manage negative energies and get rid of them, become more confident, learn more patience through meditation, and I want to connect on a deeper level with my own sense of self.

So…there really is nothing to put in this blog as of yet. Nothing extremely crazy or important anyways.
Give some time…maybe a few weeks, and I MIGHT just have something to say or report.

Thank you for being patient with me.


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